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Virtual Desktop Plugin 1.1.1


This plugin provides a personnalized desktop/portal to members.


1. Example of Virtual Desktop
2. Example of Virtual Desktop


1. Installation

  1. Upload plugin and restart the site
  2. Enable type Portlet Virtual Desktop in your workspace
  3. Create a navigation Category, e.g "My Desktop"
  4. Create a Portal attached to the Category
  5. Create a Portlet Selection, insert it inside the Portal
  6. Create a Portlet Virtual Desktop, insert it inside the Portlet Selection
  7. Edit the Portlet Virtual Desktop and select the navigation category

2. Configuring Services

Services are standard portlets that can be customized by members inside their Virtual Desktop.

Edit the portlet instance you want to provide as a Service and perform the following operations :

  1. Enable "Service" ability on the portlet :
    Open the tab Personnalization of the portlet's properties and select the "Service" ability in the "Virtual Desktop" section.
  2. Select a preview image to be displayed to the user :
    Open the tab Description of the portlet's properties and select/upload an appropriate image (dimensions : 200x150).
    If no image is selected, the preview of the current template is used. It is is recommended to provide a custom image for better user experience.

N.B.: The portlet must be a skinnable portlet, and should have its default template selected in order not to interfere with the service's skin.

3. Configuring default Desktop

When a user access hirs virtual desktop for the first time, his desktop is automatically created from a "default desktop".
There is always one global default desktop configurable from the administration area. It is also possible to configure a default per workspace.

During its first connexion, if there are several desktops available to the user, he will be able to select one of those desktop and customize it.

3.1 Global default Desktop

The global Desktop can be configured by the technical administrator, through the administration area, using link "Edit default Virtual Desktop".

It cannot can be deleted.

3.2 Workspace's default Desktop

Default Desktop of a workspace can be configured by the technical administrator or workspace administrator through the workspace's administration area, using link "Edit default Virtual Desktop".

To stop proposing a workspace's default desktop to the users, edit the workspace's desktop and delete it.


Virtual Desktop Plugin v1.1.1

  • [VDP-19] - Cannot edit a service with IE
  • [VDP-21] - bad redirection when clicking on "settings" 2 times
  • [VDP-22] - Service's content overlap several column in Internet Explorer (overflow hidden is not correctly applied)
  • [VDP-23] - Portlet Drag&Drop no longer works after answering 'no' in confirm modal
  • [VDP-24] - Property which specifies the path of the xml file containing the properties of the default desktop is not taken into account

Virtual Desktop Plugin v1.1

  • Compatibility with JCMS 7
  • [VDP-12] - Cannot modify portlet when there is only one tab
  • [VDP-14] - Some valid RSS feeds do not work as expected (Ampersand escaped in feed's URL)
  • [VDP-15] - The title of a service is not displayed in the language of the user
  • [VDP-17] - RSS Authkey not working with the "Add feed" in virtual desktop
  • [VDP-9] - Allow boolean, double, long and Category fields to be edited as service fields
  • [VDP-10] - Allow service to be minimized/reduce
  • [VDP-11] - Provide option to hide theme settings (Look&Feel) to users
  • [VDP-13] - Add support for RSS access with the iPhone plugin
  • [VDP-16] - Add "full screen" mode to services

Virtual Desktop Plugin v1.0.3

  • New Feature
    • Allow custom page size in PortletQueryForeachDetail service (require JCMS 6.0.2 or above)

Virtual Desktop Plugin v1.0.2

  • New Feature
    • Allow custom page size in PortletQueryForeach service (require JCMS 6.0.2 or above)
  • Improvement
    • Improve compatibility with DBMember (JCMS 6.1)
    • Modified Desktop method scope from package to public for custom development (Desktop.save & Desktop.delete)
  • Bug
    • [VDP-7] - Portlet read right not used in Add Services

Virtual Desktop Plugin v1.0.1

  • New Feature
    • [VDP-1] - Add an interface to move a service from tab to tab
  • Improvement
    • [VDP-2] - Service Edition : homogeneize font size vs input
    • [VDP-4] - Allow more than 4 columns in a tab
  • Bug
    • [VDP-3] - The tabs disappear if there is there is not enough space
    • [VDP-5] - Columns size are reduce a bit more after each operation
    • [VDP-6] - Tomcat Exception 'Attribute value "/" + service.getEditJsp() is quoted with " '

Virtual Desktop Plugin v1.0

Initial release


1. Quels sont les modules compatibles avec le bureau virtuel ?

Voici une liste, non exhaustive, de modules pouvant être insérés en tant que services de Bureau Virtuel :

* Le module Favoris * Le module Explorateur * Le module Nuage de tags * Le module Google Talk

NB : Le module Portlet Widget est intégré au module Bureau Virtuel


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