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JCMS 5.7.4 release notes

JCMS 5.7.4 release notes

Categories: Documentations , JCMS 5.7.4
Writer : Olivier Dedieu


  • [JCMS-1271] - Allow plugins' developper to perform unit test with a fake JCMS instance
  • [JCMS-1296] - Improve search behavior with dash/minus (-) and single quote/apostrophe (')
  • [JCMS-1298] - Add informations to query description : workspace, checkpstatus, search in files
  • [JCMS-1319] - If a member has no publish write, indicates it.
  • [JCMS-1324] - Create a utility method that surround a String with an HTML tag
  • [JCMS-1326] - Add Atom 1.0 feed export format
  • [JCMS-1350] - DocChooser : Ask a confirmation to unzip
  • [JCMS-1358] - Ignore line delimiter type in files' signatures
  • [JCMS-1362] - Allow WF Express on scheduled state and published state
  • [JCMS-1368] - ImportManager should support sources with the same URID
  • [JCMS-1371] - Browser: add detection for OperaMini
  • [JCMS-1378] - Display IP of host in Site Info and statusXml
  • [JCMS-1381] - TypeEditor : Indicates if a type or a template comes from a Plugin
  • [JCMS-1382] - CSV Export : for data, split the name and the id in 2 columns
  • [JCMS-1385] - Browser: add detection for iPhone
  • [JCMS-1386] - Detailed logs are missing if error occur while sending mail from caddy
  • [JCMS-1387] - Browser: add detection for IE6 and IE7
  • [JCMS-1389] - PortalInterface cannot be selected as default portal
  • [JCMS-1394] - Browser: add detection for Android
  • [JCMS-1400] - DataController: provide the original data when duplicating.
  • [JCMS-1401] - Popup Edition, allow opener to be refreshed based on redirect value when using edittag
  • [JCMS-1406] - PluginManager: hide generated files that have not been changed
  • [JCMS-1408] - Add caddy icons in member list and group list
  • [JCMS-1410] - PluginManager: Regenerate LinkIndexListener and FIleIndexListener when a plugin is deleted
  • [JCMS-1413] - Search : add udate support to QueryHandler/QueryManager
  • [JCMS-1414] - LoginTag: Add an option to display login/logout label
  • [JCMS-1415] - Add portlet ability refinement support to QueryHandler
  • [JCMS-1420] - Upgrade Prototype JavaScript framework to version and Scriptaculous to 1.8.1
  • [JCMS-1421] - Display javascript message indicating that restart button can not work under current application server
  • [JCMS-1423] - Move ResultDisplay Tab of Portlet close to Full/Skin tabs
  • [JCMS-1425] - Type processor should use dynamic includes to reduce the size of the generated JSP to diff publications.
  • [JCMS-1428] - Add MP3 and FLV support in RichText Area
  • [JCMS-1440] - After create/update from the FO, redirect invisible publication to the preview page
  • [JCMS-1441] - PluginManager : do not copy .svn directories
  • [JCMS-1442] - ExtraData: Improve the way portlet edit/display extradata in the current Portal/Member
  • [JCMS-1443] - PortletRSS: Improve template using dl/dt/dd tags + Fix tag cache + Use extradata
  • [JCMS-1448] - Differenciate Webapps in deploy manager with URID instead of "context"
  • [JCMS-1451] - PortletNavigate: add an option to filter with the workspace's categories
  • [JCMS-1462] - Add JCMS in generator meta tag
  • [JCMS-1488] - PortletQueryForeach : add sort by reader count
  • [JCMS-1493] - JSync: use status code different than HTTP

New Feature

  • [JCMS-1346] - Category Ctx Menu : add export XML
  • [JCMS-1347] - Add CSV export in pubBrowser
  • [JCMS-1348] - Add CSV export to category editor and caddy
  • [JCMS-1366] - Provides a way to allow ressource authentication without login/password
  • [JCMS-1383] - JSync Join Me
  • [JCMS-1452] - Portal: New DnD framework for PortletCollection


  • [JCMS-1340] - PluginManager does not sign directory path
  • [JCMS-1349] - Templates are lost when adding a new template
  • [JCMS-1353] - Exception in doDivSkin because JcmsJspContext not in imported
  • [JCMS-1356] - PortletCalendar does not open new Calendar Event editor with pre checked categories
  • [JCMS-1357] - FileDocument Re-Upload lost Reader Tracker option
  • [JCMS-1361] - The DeployManager produces bad zip if there is not enough space
  • [JCMS-1364] - GZip compression is not used in front-office
  • [JCMS-1372] - A content type witthout abstract field cannot be displayed with the default result display
  • [JCMS-1373] - WF Draft has no transiftion
  • [JCMS-1374] - Tag <jalios:wysiwyg> is missing in generated full display jsp
  • [JCMS-1379] - Wrong tab is opened if field is missing when sending mail through caddy
  • [JCMS-1380] - WikiRenderer throws StringIndexOutOfBoundsException "String index out of range: -1" if table contains empty cells
  • [JCMS-1391] - Abilities refinement in pubBrowser is not used when adding/removing portlets in caddy
  • [JCMS-1396] - Wiki Rendering: the lists are not XHTML compliant
  • [JCMS-1397] - Wiki Rendering : generated separators (HR) are not XHTML compliant
  • [JCMS-1402] - QueryHandler, wrong workspace used in query and description
  • [JCMS-1404] - The referrer list in the edit form does not hide types without entry
  • [JCMS-1405] - Search: "Did you mean" proposes bad search
  • [JCMS-1409] - PluginManager: sources are always added by the plugin packager.
  • [JCMS-1411] - Portlets Abilities are not correctly displayed in IE 6
  • [JCMS-1412] - Portlets: Cannot uncheck the last abilities of a given Portlet
  • [JCMS-1416] - Plugin Editor: Do not store the parameter for JSync compatibility and strange behavior with Initialize parameter
  • [JCMS-1417] - doArticleFullDisplay.jsp: the intro and summary is not correctly wikified
  • [JCMS-1418] - Redirect after save in Form type editor leads to Content type list
  • [JCMS-1419] - TreeCat : bad css declaration for cursor
  • [JCMS-1422] - Vista + WebDAV
  • [JCMS-1424] - Description of ResultDisplay in Type-template.xml is set to label
  • [JCMS-1426] - SignUp validation does not work
  • [JCMS-1427] - Glossary and Faq : link to top of page is incorrect and may trigger a reload of the page
  • [JCMS-1429] - Property channel.data-write.status is not translated
  • [JCMS-1431] - displayWork.jsp throws a NullPointerException if the publication is in an unknown state
  • [JCMS-1433] - Table Header in doListBox template for PQFD is displayed only in first page
  • [JCMS-1437] - Duplicate LDAP Members (with same login) may be created
  • [JCMS-1439] - WebDAV : cannot open document with webdav
  • [JCMS-1446] - StoreUtil is not robust engough to all RuntimeException
  • [JCMS-1447] - Do not proposed XML export in search results if the exportManager is disabled
  • [JCMS-1450] - Restricted information may be presented to anonymous user through portlet feed
  • [JCMS-1454] - ImportManager does not detect conflicts on inherited fields.
  • [JCMS-1455] - ImportManager : categories are imported even if this option is disabled
  • [JCMS-1456] - When the writes have been disabled byJCMS, the message displayed in WorkArea is incomplete.
  • [JCMS-1457] - Type Editor : template tab : clear icon (red cross) does not work
  • [JCMS-1463] - Reediting images inserted in wysiwyg through media browser make them disappear
  • [JCMS-1464] - With InternetExplorer, the exit warning message is displayed when opening
  • [JCMS-1479] - Publication Menu : category links may be broken
  • [JCMS-1480] - Category fields in extension cannot be unselected
  • [JCMS-1481] - ImportManager: imported contents are not put in the initiale state of their workspace
  • [JCMS-1482] - NullPointerException when checking category rights of a member
  • [JCMS-1485] - Authentication fails if login or password is surrounded with space
  • [JCMS-1486] - Admin has no publish right for new classes in workspaces he does not belong to
  • [JCMS-1487] - JSync fails to download a file with bad characters
  • [JCMS-1491] - Missing author tag in parsing of RSS feeds
  • [JCMS-1494] - pubChooser opened from wiki field is not scrollable
  • [JCMS-1496] - "Remember Me" checkbox of PortletLogin does not work : authentication is not remembered after browser restart
  • [JCMS-1497] - An Image attached to a publication becoming visible stay hidden