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JCMS 5.7.3 release notes

JCMS 5.7.3 release notes

Categories: Documentations , JCMS 5.7.3
Writer : Olivier Dedieu


  • [JCMS-1170] - Warning log message "There is no webapp for path 'deploy-mgr.webapps'" is generated
  • [JCMS-1172] - Some members do not belong to the workspaces of their groups
  • [JCMS-1207] - Some old Wysiwyg data are not correclty rendered
  • [JCMS-1225] - Tab's label issue if the main language is missing
  • [JCMS-1227] - Workspace Wizard does not correctly duplicate WKRole
  • [JCMS-1232] - Workflow renderer does not render correctly loop transitions
  • [JCMS-1235] - IE7 does not take line feed into account in WYSIWYG fields
  • [JCMS-1242] - Diacritical is not used correctly in portlet's sort order (pubBrowser/pubChooser)
  • [JCMS-1243] - Thread hangs under WebLogic when editing portlet with a invalid portal css file
  • [JCMS-1246] - Cannot assign custom group rights to a member
  • [JCMS-1247] - File check for the category import is not robust enough
  • [JCMS-1248] - PluginManager throws a NPE if the plugin.xml refers an unknown DTD
  • [JCMS-1253] - Exceptions may not be displayed correctly in the event logs admin area (/admin/logs.jsp)
  • [JCMS-1257] - Portlet WF : the validate button open the edit form in the Advanced tab
  • [JCMS-1262] - Cannot create a new plugin
  • [JCMS-1263] - TypeProcessor: Tag <defaultText> not used in Type.jsp
  • [JCMS-1268] - Category Editor: the children list is not consistent with the TreeCat
  • [JCMS-1270] - If a type is set as not-searchable it affects all the subtypes
  • [JCMS-1274] - Portlet.getAbstract(userLang) do not return abstract
  • [JCMS-1275] - [EditTag] 404 error on work/work/docChooser : Add link for FileDocument may not keep redirect correctly and breaks completely when using SecurityFilter
  • [JCMS-1276] - ExportManager: do not export missing files
  • [JCMS-1277] - Import is stopped if a data refers files that cannot be downloaded
  • [JCMS-1280] - Sitemap.jsp does not check category read rights.
  • [JCMS-1281] - The TreeCat is not refreshed once an action is performed with the contextual menu
  • [JCMS-1283] - TreeCat: Workspace with multiple categories are not correctly displayed in some GUI
  • [JCMS-1289] - Invalid description of Portlet Search's "Display Portal" option
  • [JCMS-1290] - export.jsp may produce a bad XML stream if some header contains blank
  • [JCMS-1291] - When the category editor is opened from the category menu it is not correctly closed.
  • [JCMS-1292] - Exception during image metadata extraction prevent thumbnails to be generated correctly
  • [JCMS-1293] - displayPDA.jsp does not compile
  • [JCMS-1294] - NullPointerException in Calendar.setTime(..) during indexing
  • [JCMS-1300] - An error occured while controlling data Integrity
  • [JCMS-1305] - Sync stamp removed while cascading work copies of JCMS webapp
  • [JCMS-1308] - Cannot update type's templates
  • [JCMS-1309] - TypeEditor: the tabs for default value are not stacked.
  • [JCMS-1310] - Improve robusness of Statistics and display Single Visitors
  • [JCMS-1321] - caddy manager : inconsistency in the number of objects
  • [JCMS-1322] - The XML export contains severals title fields.
  • [JCMS-1323] - Query XML export with refinement fails
  • [JCMS-1329] - ImportManager should support mainLanguage
  • [JCMS-1331] - editCat.jsp resize page to 0 under IE 6.0 and IE 7.0
  • [JCMS-1333] - Some JSP do not compile with Weblogic 9.2
  • [JCMS-1337] - Portlet preview : cannot turn-on the portal edition mode
  • [JCMS-1344] - Descriptive URLs do not work with AppServer without support for servlet 2.4


  • [JCMS-1173] - statusXml.jsp should be available for admin without any configuration
  • [JCMS-1180] - In edit form, the add button on linked multivalued fields shoud add new items for all linked fields
  • [JCMS-1191] - Upgrade prototype library to 1.6.0 RC
  • [JCMS-1213] - Upgrade JsonRPC to Jabsorb
  • [JCMS-1217] - Add a new template for PQF with full display of publication and doDisplayHeader and doDisplayFooter
  • [JCMS-1228] - Workspace Wizard : set children groups of WS'groups, children of the new groups
  • [JCMS-1229] - Workspace Wizard : replace $NAME$ in categories name
  • [JCMS-1230] - Workspace Wizard : by default, check the prefix option
  • [JCMS-1233] - WF Editor : authorize pstatus edition
  • [JCMS-1249] - xml should have a transparent background
  • [JCMS-1250] - Add treecat's autocomplete support for anonymous users (not logged)
  • [JCMS-1256] - WF Editor: In Alert form, use a less ambigious term for "valideur/workers"
  • [JCMS-1258] - FileDocument : internationalize metadata labels
  • [JCMS-1259] - WorkspaceWizard: Move wizard code from Handler to Manager, add UnitTest and PolicyFilters
  • [JCMS-1260] - Improve onload performance and add Ajax support
  • [JCMS-1264] - TreeCat in PubBrowser should not allow user to select forbidden link
  • [JCMS-1265] - Delete generated java classes and jsp files when removing a plugin
  • [JCMS-1266] - StoreCleaner : the "All/None workspace" check box should be unselected by default
  • [JCMS-1267] - Use current request url in rss/atom feed instead of the site's url
  • [JCMS-1278] - ExportManager should not export inlined files more than once
  • [JCMS-1279] - Add options for import
  • [JCMS-1284] - Member CSV export should contain all the fields
  • [JCMS-1285] - Add more information in the Portal Profiler
  • [JCMS-1288] - Wiki : reduce size of MP3 player
  • [JCMS-1295] - Prevent cdate modification during JStore data update
  • [JCMS-1301] - Portal Mechanism: Default on Publication's workspace categories
  • [JCMS-1306] - Workspace's Home Icon should redirect to Workspace's cat home
  • [JCMS-1313] - Workflow Editor : display role IDs
  • [JCMS-1315] - WorkArea: Display gray banner for workspace models
  • [JCMS-1317] - ImportManager: provides dcContext for category import
  • [JCMS-1320] - Publication Ctxt Menu : add XML export
  • [JCMS-1328] - Display WF history in the preview page
  • [JCMS-1332] - Remove PDF associated to file in upload when file document is removed
  • [JCMS-1338] - Add targets for generic ResultDisplay template

New Feature

  • [JCMS-1178] - Massive FileDocument upload through zip files
  • [JCMS-1182] - Select languages of a given Workspace
  • [JCMS-1255] - Admin / Work header : Add target to allow plugins to be present in the admin/work header
  • [JCMS-1312] - Add an option to close writes in a workspace
  • [JCMS-1339] - Add a property to define small device home page