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JCMS 5.7.2 release notes

JCMS 5.7.2 release notes

Categories: Documentations , JCMS 5.7.2
Writer : Olivier Dedieu


  • [JCMS-1125] - RSS connexion does not work when a proxy has been configured
  • [JCMS-1126] - Cannot authenticate with another member from the login form when user is already connected
  • [JCMS-1127] - Some Portlet Search options are not used with the simple template (portletsearchlight)
  • [JCMS-1135] - Days are missing the Portlet Calendar (small view, or month mode in large view)
  • [JCMS-1136] - Edit link from Publication ctxMenu does not open in popup when requested
  • [JCMS-1137] - Uploading a second document close the upload of the first one
  • [JCMS-1138] - Category import : encoding issue if the imported file is not UTF-8
  • [JCMS-1140] - Type's label issue if the main language is missing
  • [JCMS-1142] - Wysiwyg.css : serif font are not correctly rendered on IE7
  • [JCMS-1144] - The PortletQueryForeach with the Full Display Template has a side effect on the PortletSelection behavior
  • [JCMS-1166] - Webapp startup is interrupted if Perl 5 ORO API throws a runtime exception during publication weak link extraction
  • [JCMS-1167] - Link fields do not work correctly with extension types
  • [JCMS-1168] - Redefined type's label in workspace type properties are not saved
  • [JCMS-1169] - A type disapear if it has the same label as another type
  • [JCMS-1174] - IE7: cannot open subgroups (javascript error)
  • [JCMS-1179] - Infinite redirect when using custom authentication parameters
  • [JCMS-1187] - "Add" icon is missing on multivalued rich text fields
  • [JCMS-1194] - Summary is editable as a wiki field and display as a simple text
  • [JCMS-1195] - Portlet RSS and tag <jalios:rss ...> may prevent site access with some firewall
  • [JCMS-1196] - Resource monitoring file does not contain all the expected data
  • [JCMS-1197] - Can't deploy a loaded plugin
  • [JCMS-1198] - Title not used by window opened by Popup.popupWindow()
  • [JCMS-1201] - Wrong recursive include check in IncludeTag
  • [JCMS-1203] - Can't display a Publication using addCSSHeader() in a popup
  • [JCMS-1204] - [PortletRedirect] A '?' or a '&' character is appended at the end of the request
  • [JCMS-1205] - Type's Workflow assignement are lost
  • [JCMS-1211] - Clarify/Split property
  • [JCMS-1212] - Resource monitoring chart is not usable due to invalid/duplicated measures in the file monitor.xml
  • [JCMS-1215] - getAllWysiwygText() and getAllWikiText() throws a NullPointerException if a MLMap is null
  • [JCMS-1220] - Media fields are not correctly controlled
  • [JCMS-1223] - Removing a plugin do not remove Thumb.db files
  • [JCMS-1236] - Portlet Calendar inline popup does not appear at the mouse position.


  • [JCMS-1134] - Add WFNote to workflow history when updating pstatus using caddy.
  • [JCMS-1175] - Allow QueryFilter to perform processing specific to front-office search, back-office search or portlet's query.
  • [JCMS-1176] - Add an option to remove JavaScript headers for the current page if the user is not logged, in order to decrease download size.
  • [JCMS-1177] - Improve meta tags generation in doEmptyHeader.jsp
  • [JCMS-1192] - Improve performance of edit form with many wysiwyg fields by providing popup edition instead of inline editing
  • [JCMS-1202] - Allow admin/doMemberFullDisplay.jsp to be overridden using property
  • [JCMS-1210] - EditTag checks if template files exists each time a edit icon is produced (in dev mode)
  • [JCMS-1218] - AlarmManager : Improve exception handling when calling the AlarmListener

New Feature

  • [JCMS-1171] - Add target in Wiki help
  • [JCMS-1183] - Add field Abilities for all Protlets
  • [JCMS-1184] - Template's Description
  • [JCMS-1185] - Template's Thumbnail
  • [JCMS-1188] - Add Field "childrenBindingMap" a LinkedHashMap name/link for PortletCollection
  • [JCMS-1190] - Specify Included template's kind (Full/Result) in portal mechanism
  • [JCMS-1226] - Add template's thumbnail and description
  • [JCMS-1238] - Import Manager
  • [JCMS-1239] - Export Manager