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JCMS 5.7.1 release notes

JCMS 5.7.1 release notes

Categories: Documentations , JCMS 5.7.1
Writer : Olivier Dedieu

  1. Main new features
    • [Misc] : Support of JDK 1.6
    • [Type] : Support of extra fields (extra.Type.*) with custom editors ".jsp" ".number" ".area" ".boolean" ".hidden"
    • [Wiki] : Support of FLV/MP3 players (check out the wiki help)
    • [WorkCopy] : Add new menu in the Publication Menu to compare a work copy and the original
    • [TreeCat] : RightClick on "info box" open contextual menu to add subcategories (when tree is empty).
    • [DataReport] : add the ws in request attribute "data-report.workspace" (required for plugins included in DATA_REPORT target).
    • [FileDocument] : canonify application/x-sdlc (firefox mime-type for .exe) to application/octet-stream
    • [RightPolicy] : Add new methods to RightPolicy to handle hooks for new rights
    • [PluginMgr] : Add support to inner class (handle Class$InnerClass.class)
    • [PubBrowser] : If a publication is not in a visible state display the preview icon in the status bar
    • [Group] : Group List : improve interface when a workspace is selected to filter the group list.
    • [FileDocument] : Add reader tracker option in the upload interface (aka docChooser)
  2. Main updates
    • [WF] work copy : no more need to belongs to init state worker to create a work copy
    • [Upload] : move code from link's setter to beforeOp() allowing anonymous uploads
    • [Plugin] : remove method ChannelPolicyFilter.checkLoadedProperties()
    • [Plugin] : properties initialised before all plugin's component initialisation
    • [Rights] : fix canBeReadBy() of calling PolicyManager with a null category
    • [Portlet] : doPortletQueryForeachFulls.jsp : force the publication request attribute
    • [Plugin] : Plugin Property editor support properties ending with ".number" ".area" ".boolean"
    • [Portlet] : Generic file doIncludePortletCollection.jsp now also generate a LinkedHashMap id/buffer
    • [Flash] : Upgrade JW Players from v3.2 to v3.9 to v3.99
    • [JavaScript] : Upgrate prototype to version with support of Safary 1.3 and 2.0.x and scriptaculous 1.7.1_beta3
    • [Util] : unionSet() : remove null from the given sets (to avoid NPE)
    • [Forum) : Forums bound to publication are now created in the publication's workspace or in a dedicated workspace ($
    • [Data] : Rewrite toHierarchicalXml() to produce a more usefull XML view of any data.
    • [Accessibility]: Wiki rendering: add alt for images
    • [Display] : Show the review form and forum discussion form
    • [Plugin] : BasicDataController, CustomCleanFilter, Basic**PolicyFilter implements PluginComponent
    • [Version] : When reverting a deleted publication, revert it in the initial state of its workflow
    • [UpgMgr] : Upgrade Manager signs all files (i.e. JCMS and plugins' files ; fix dev/copy/deploy issues) but on the IHM split plugin's file and JCMS files
    • [Hidden Fields]: Hidden field can now be shown even if all the tabs are shown
  3. Bug fixed
    • JCMS-1091 - Normal : FileDocument cannot be added to caddy from search/pubBrowser when Document is disabled in Query Types
    • JCMS-1095 - Normal : Some documents cannont be updated
    • JCMS-1096 - Critical : Portlet RSS and tag <jalios:rss ...> may prevent site access
    • JCMS-1103 - Major : Audience Right does not work
    • JCMS-1104 - Minor : Character "lower than" (<) cannot be used in caddy's search and replace
    • JCMS-1105 - Normal : Caddy's search and replace does not work in languages other than the default language
    • JCMS-1106 - Major : Performance issue with IE6's JCMS Workers
    • JCMS-1107 - Major : ExactType search does not work and returns all subtypes
    • JCMS-1108 - Critical : Some references on a file (image, link) are broken when a new version of this file is uploaded.
    • JCMS-1109 - Critical : Reuploaded files are not replicated with JSync
    • JCMS-1110 - Major : Queries' option to retrieve content in the "user language" do not work as expected
    • JCMS-1111 - Major : NullPointerException when a member edits his profile
    • JCMS-1112 - Normal : In the properties editor, duration fields cannot be updated
    • JCMS-1113 - Major : Categories are lost when scheduling a publication from the contextual menu
    • JCMS-1114 - Normal : Alert exit message doesn't display while editing a Wysiwyg
    • JCMS-1115 - Normal : Group edition : text wrapped around quotes in the group name is lost
    • JCMS-1116 - Normal : Some members do not belong to the workspaces of their groups
    • JCMS-1117 - Major : Some categories are losts after a category field has been edited in popup
    • JCMS-1118 - Minor : TypeEditor : cannot edit display properties for multivalued Date fields
    • JCMS-1119 - Minor : Opening DocChooser to Upload a new Document stops current upload
    • JCMS-1120 - Minor : Cannot transform a workspace group into a common group
    • JCMS-1121 - Normal : Extensions cannot use required category fields
    • JCMS-1122 - Minor : Links of StatReport and Newsletter do not open in the displayWorkIFrame.
    • JCMS-1123 - Normal : WorkspaceWizard do not correctly bind duplicated parent's groups
    • JCMS-1124 - Major : Displayed publication in displayWork are counted twice în statistics (Work/Site) !