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Centralized Writes Plugin


This plugin redirects all workers on a writing replica in order to optimize JSync performance.


First, make sure your architecture match the following requirements :

  • A frontal server with a dedicated url (most commonly used to load balance users on 2 or more replica) (e.g. http://www.mysite.com)
  • A writing replica, that must be reachable to workers using a direct URL (e.g. http://publish.mysite.com)
  • Other replicas.

1. Install the plugin on each replica and restart.

2. Edit plugin properties.

There are three properties that must be filled (use same values on all replica) :

  • URID of the writing replica : This is the URID visible in the properties of the writing replica (e.g. "c"). It is required by the plugin to determine if the current replica is the writing replica or not. This property is required, otherwise the plugin will be disabled.
  • URL of the writing replica : This is the URL that will be used to redirect workers if they logs in, this URL is usually a direct URL to the writing replica cluster's node (e.g. "http://replica1.mysite.com/"). This property is required, otherwise the plugin will be disabled.
  • Base URL regexp of the frontal server : This is a regular expression used to determine if the current user request is made through the frontal URL or is a direct access to a replica. (e.g. http://www.mysite.com/). Warning : if left empty, direct connexions from administrators to any replica will be redirected to the writing replica. Make sure you fill this value to be able to administer all your replicas.

An optionnal property defines the time of validity of the login ticket used to reauthenticate members on the writing replica after the redirection.


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