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File Indexing Plugin 2.3.1


This plugin perfoms textual indexing of most of file formats. You may then do a text search inside.

With the PDF Converter Plugin, this plugin offers an alternative to JCMS Universal.

Warning! This production license of this module is not free. Licensees of JCMS Universal. can use it in production environment.


1. Status of processed files tab
2. Processors tab
3. Extensions tab


Just follow the PluginManager installation process. Then restart the site. There is no conflicts with existing JCMS files.


File Processor Plugin - Version 2.3.1


  • FPP-76 : Plugin version 2.3 was compiled for Java 1.5 only

File Processor Plugin - Version 2.3


  • FPP-74 : File indexing is stopped with LockObtainFailedException on WEB-INF\data\lucene\FilesIndex\write.lock
  • FPP-72 : Some Words in indexed files are not searchable

Enhancement * If .doc files are RTF files they are parsed by the RTF parser

File Processor Plugin - Version 2.2


  • FPP-72 : Some Words in indexed files are not searchable


  • If .doc files are RTF files they are parsed by the RTF parser

New Feature

  • FileProcessor and FileParser may have now an availability

==> Warning : - method "isAvailable" now added for FileActionComponant. - Plugin PDFConverter 1.1 or more needed

  • Admin interface in OPERATION instead of MONITORING
  • Size of FileStatus is displayed in interface
  • When a file is globally blacklisted, it is no longer considered as OK (nor NOK).
  • Lib Update : tm-extractors-0.4 to tm-extractors-1.0
    • Fast save format support for Word document added
    • Old Word for Windows :
      • Word 4.0 : 1987 for PC (!)
      • Word 1.0 : 1989 for Windows 1.0;
      • Word 2.0 : 1991 for Windows 3.1;

(cf : http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Word) See also : http://www.textmining.org/ and http://code.google.com/p/text-mining/

  • Copyrights concerns and references added in documentation for :
    • jxl : LGPL
    • TextMining Extractor : LGPL
    • POI : Apache Licence v2.0
    • PDFBox : provided "as is"

File Processor Plugin - Version 2.1


  • [FPP-24] - Support link or junction that make a cyclic reference in upload directory.
  • [FPP-47] - When there is a problem for a repository, it must appear not only in logs but also in admin interface

New Feature

  • [FPP-3] - [performance] Unitary Processing while a FileDocument is created
  • [FPP-9] - [robustness,performance] Set a producer-consumer mecanism
  • [FPP-52] - Add an ability to re process a file, whatever happend with it

File Processor Plugin - Version 2.0.1


  • [FPP-43] - Keep some parameter when a redirect is done in AdminHandler
  • [FPP-49] - Some DELETE operation on files are not taken in account
  • [FPP-53] - When a file is modified, and was previously indexed, it is indicated as indexed


  • [FPP-41] - Add parser/processor filter in file list
  • [FPP-42] - Schedule processings for files never processed at first
  • [FPP-44] - Improve unknown exception logging
  • [FPP-45] - Processor thread's name is way too long and clutters jcms.log
  • [FPP-46] - Output log message "File processing performed in XX ms" only when some files have been processed
  • [FPP-48] - Reduce FPP Alarm Manager thread name
  • [FPP-50] - In Admin interface keep search parameter when blacklisting action is done

New Feature

  • [FPP-51] - Add a way to blacklist many files

File Processor Plugin - Version 2.0


  • [FPP-28] - [POI] Bug POI on secure word document cause an OutOfMemoryException


  • [FPP-22] - [library] upgrade POI 3.0.1 (specific packaging cvs extracted)
  • [FPP-23] - [properties management] List of FileProcessors becomes a list (map) of properties instead of a property of a list
  • [FPP-37] - Partially BlackList a file for a processor if processing cause an unknown exception and duration is over a specified duration
  • [FPP-40] - Differenciate Parser and Processors, making two distinct interfaces

New Feature

  • Partially - [FPP-34] - [IHM] Admin interface - Gives an admin interface to : - allow to launch/stop the alarm listener by a admin act;

(missing ability to modify properties repository by repository)

  • [FPP-16] - [IHM] Display the list of file type treated and processor descriptions
  • [FPP-26] - Allow using FileProcessor and FPP architecture to index differently and in another directory
  • [FPP-29] - File Repository differenciation
  • [FPP-30] - JDring use for FFP
  • [FPP-31] - BlackList
  • [FPP-32] - Typing Processing Exception to blacklist or not files for a FP
  • [FPP-35] - Store the time of a process or index, to display it to an admin
  • [FPP-36] - Allow an admin to manually globally or partially blacklist a file
  • [FPP-39] - Put a Target in admin interface to allow sub plugin to add something in FPP admin IHM

File Processor Plugin - Version 1.1


  • [FPP-2] - [logs] DEBUG level for logs is used while TRACE level should be used
  • [FPP-8] - [IHM] While indexation is done, the indexation date in IHM is incorrect

The correction impacts JCMS too, the complete correction of [FPP-8] require JCMS-5.7.2

New Feature

  • [FPP-5] - [security,cluster] Set witness file under WEB-INF/data/plugin/FileProcessor instead of upload
  • [FPP-6] - [logs] Use log4j NDC ability
  • [FPP-10] - [caractere encoding] witness file in UTF-8
  • [FPP-15] - [robustness] Make Processing Thread priority as a property


  • [FPP-1] - [default values] change processing periodicity
  • [FPP-7] - [logs] Set corrects logs message (language pb)
  • [FPP-13] - [properties]Set fr and en properties to some properties
  • [FPP-18] - [javadoc] Correct comments
  • [FPP-19] - Improve plugin description
  • [FPP-21] - [Plugin] Resize the preview image

Indexation Plugin v1.0

1. Main new features

  • File Processors Management
  • File Processors Parser for documents type :
    • Html;
    • MS Excel;
    • MS Powerpoint;
    • MS Word;
    • Open Office;
    • PDF;
    • Text;
    • XML.
  • No parser for MS Office 2007 (Open XML).

2. Main updates

3. Bugs fixed


1. Which file formats are supported?

This plugins supports the following file formats:

  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), until Microsoft Office 2003
  • OpenOffice
  • PDF
  • RTF
  • HTML
  • Texte

The OpenXML format, used by Microsoft Office 2007, will be supported in a next release.

2. Who can use this plugin?

This plugin is restricted to the client who bought JCMS Universal.


  • 2.3.1
  • Stable
  • JCMS 5.7.4
    JCMS 5.7.5
Certified by Jalios
  • Yes
  • Paid Plugin
  • Jalios Support
  • Jalios SA
  • Jalios
  • 7.05 MB
  • 2/15/11
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