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Hierarchical workspaces Plugin 2.4


The aim of this plugin is to provide support for large amount of Workspace. It provides :

  • a hierarchic structure between Workspace, and interfaces using it, then you may manage more of them (since you may organize them);
  • the abality to delegate Workspace creation to Workspace administrator.

This version is only compatible with JCMS-5.7.4. For plugin compatible with the previous versions of JCMS, send us a mail.


1. Workspaces management with a tree view. Restriction of the workspaces to subworkspaces of a given workspace.
2. Tree view of workspaces with groups (the same for members).
3. Tree view of workspaces in the menu to access to workspaces.
4. Field "Parent Workspace", editable for main administrator only.


After the plugin has been initialized, the file WEB-INF/jalios/jcms.tld must be manually edited. The reference to the native JCMS java class for the workspace tag must be swichted by the one provided with this plugin. Put :


instead of :



Hierarchical Workspaces Plugin v2.4

1. Main new features 2. Main updates

    • This version is compatible with JCMS 5.7.4 only
    • Link between a workspace and its parent is no longer done with an
tier Object, but using extradatamap in workspace object 3. Bugs fixed

Hierarchical Workspaces Plugin v2.3

1. Main new features

2. Main updates

    • This version is compatible with JCMS 5.7.2 only
3. Bugs fixed
    • encodeJavascriptQuote of Workspace title
    • collapse all icon not displayed if there is only one WS
    • NPE if a WSAdmin edits a workspace with no parent
    • collapse all icon position style wrongly interpreted by IE 6.0

Hierarchical Workspaces Plugin v2.2

1. Main new features

    • Expand/collapse all icons added in left WS tree
2. Main updates
    • huge JS refactoring
    • This version is compatible with JCMS 5.7.1 (current most stable version of JCMS 5.7)
3. Bugs fixed
    • Anonymous subclass of TreeHelper missing in the jar
    • Missing french label for type HierarchicalWorkspaceLink implies error logs

Hierarchical Workspaces Plugin v2.1

1. Main new features

2. Main updates

3. Bugs fixed

    • Bad implementation of TreeHelper.getSubWorkspace(workspace, loggedMember) for loggedMember null
    • Bad import usage not compatible with Websphere App Server

Hierarchical Workspaces Plugin v2.0

1. Main new features

    • WS Wizard use from Template Wizard is possible for WS admin

2. Main updates

3. Bugs fixed

    • HW Portlet WF Template may have a NullPointerException when not logged

Hierarchical Workspaces Plugin v1.1

1. Main new features

    • Javadoc added for the java classes

2. Main updates

    • style change : no underline text still black for visited http links.

3. Bugs fixed

    • in wsWorkspaceList.jsp, a wrong label for a lbl has been fixed

Hierarchical Workspaces Plugin v1.0

1. Main new features

    • WS Hierarchy based on a technical type
    • TreeMenu of WS in the jalios:workspace tag
    • Tree Template of the WF portlet
    • Forms and formhandler to be able to create and modify a sub workspace
    • An admin work is able to create a subworkspace
    • Member/Group/Workspace List and choosers have a ws tree view
    • A pager has been added to the data reports

2. Main updates
3. Bugs fixed
4. Problems to fix

    • No index for the moment for the links betweens workspaces : it seems not to be a
bootleneck for performances
    • For an important number of WS, the lazy initialisation of the menu is long under ie, it
must be re-written in AJAX ==> a few seconds before the menu is shown; ==> memory leak (under IE) makes IE crash ==> Should be done with AJAX
    • Problem of z-index for the ctx menu with
    • Problem of style (color of font) for menu at a level too important (seven).


  • 2.4
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  • JCMS 5.7.4
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