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Dev Tools Plugin 1.3


This plugin provides development tools for JCMS:

  • The DevToolsAuthenticationHandler which allow the developper to logs in as admin ;
  • A store generator ;
  • A tool to reload languages properties ;
  • A tool to regenerate all the types ;
  • A tool to display all the data created from a given stamp (e.g. the workcopy sync stamp)
  • The Debug Portlet which prints technical informations such as the current portal ;

category, workspace, ...;

  • The SpyFilter which prints all the HTTP parameters.


1. The Debug Portlet
2. New menu in the admin area
3. Example of SpyFilter output
4. Targets displayed in the admin area
5. List of data created from a given stamp


DevTools Plugin v1.3

  • Bug
    • [DTP-4] - IE : The link "Regenerate all the types..." does not work
  • Improvement
    • [DTP-7] - CreationList: add a way to select "All the Publication", "All the content", "All the portlet", ...
    • [DTP-8] - CreationList: add anoption for massive delete
    • [DTP-9] - CreationList: add a menu in the admin header
  • Task
    • [DTP-10] - Move all JSP files in a jsp directory

DevTools Plugin v1.2

  1. New features
    • Add Created Data List
    • Add "Regenerates All Types"
    • debugPortlet.jsp : add the displayed publication (available if the debugPorltet is included after the PortletSelection)
  2. Updates
    • Admin Area: Move tools (show target and reload lang prop) from Operation box to Tools box
    • Targets: store target state in session attribute instead of properties
    • debugPortlet.jsp: add data ids and improve presentation
  3. Bug fixes
    • Spy Filter: force encoding to UTF-8 (it is imperative to be used with JSync Servlet)

DevTools Plugin v1.1

* Add feature to display targets

DevTools Plugin v1.0

This plugin provides

    • A store generator
    • A tools to reload ganguage Properties
    • The Debug Portlet
    • The spy filter
    • The DevToolsAuthenticationHandler


  • 1.3
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  • JCMS 5.7
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