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JCMS 5.6.1 release notes

JCMS 5.6.1 release notes

Categories: Documentations , JCMS 5.6.1
Writer : Olivier Dedieu

1. Main new features

    • No new features

2. Main updates

    • [FileDoc] Link on FileDocument targets display.jsp to be correctly computed in the statistics
    • [Member] memberList: add support for unaccentuate search
    • [Group] groupList : add support for unaccentuate search
    • [Form] display treecat categories for not logged members (warning ! no read right control for loggedmembers)
    • [Portal] Silent fix of portlet preview-mode looknfeel.
    • [WorkCopy] getting: preserve sdate, edate and adate when generating the workcopy.
    • [WorkCopy] merging: preserve pdate if not null
    • [Portal] Do not include favicon link if there is no favicon in properties
    • [FileDoc] Add support for popup edition
    • [Admin] Display available data source list in Site Info and statusXml.jsp
    • [PortletCloud] Add "refine query" option
    • [Forum] Only propose discussion on a publication if ForumDiscussion type is available in the current workspace
    • [Review] Only propose review on a publication if Review type is available in the current workspace
    • [Stats] Keep JCMS access file open to improve performance
    • [Template] Check template status, throw exception in developpement mode, otherwise default on default template. Better exception handling in PortletJSP.
    • [Portal] Remove old mechanics channel.default-layout
    • [Category] Check name unicity in all languages
    • [Portal] Add hooks to portal policy to handle new steps and errors in display history computation
    • [PortletSQL] Add link to full display a row
    • [JavaScript] Update Script.aculo.us from 1.6.1 to 1.6.4 and prototype from 1.5.0_rc0 to 1.5.0_rc1
    • [DataReport] External links: add the status column to know if an external link is visible in front-office
    • [Faq/Glossary] Increase textarea size
    • [Logs] Added level filter option in Event logs (back office)
    • [Admin] When a fatal error occurs, indicates the urid in the mail sent to the administrators.
    • [Auth] Always try LDAP authentication prior to using default JCMS account authentication (This reverts back to the behavior we had prior to AuthenticationManager in 5.0)
    • [Doc] Add the English User's Guide
    • [Browser] Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 2 compatibility

3. Bugs fixed

    • JCMS-1026 - Normal : Automatic toggle on treecat links
    • JCMS-1027 - Normal : Cannot edit properties of a type associated with an unknown workflow
    • JCMS-1028 - Normal : PortletCloud: the sort chooser does not work if there is more than one portlet cloud in the page
    • JCMS-1029 - Normal : Version History: bad rendering
    • JCMS-1030 - Major : Cannot use site with WebLogic due to jcms.tld error
    • JCMS-1031 - Major : Cannot access Types edition in workspace with WebSphere (itCounter error)
    • JCMS-1032 - Normal : Cannot access WF report interface if a publication is in an unknown state.
    • JCMS-1033 - Minor : Archive button is displayed to user with no right to archive in publication's workflow
    • JCMS-1034 - Normal : Question mark ('?') in category name prevent category to be use in webdav.
    • JCMS-1035 - Minor : Wiki links are not treated correctly if there is a space after the url
    • JCMS-1036 - Major : Some members are listed in groups they do not belong to.
    • JCMS-1037 - Major : Stop words are not removed from text search when right truncation is enabled.
    • JCMS-1038 - Minor : Redirect value is invalid after submitting form.
    • JCMS-1039 - Normal : Pager all link is not displayed inside PortletQueryForEach.
    • JCMS-1040 - Normal : External link report can be broken by some URL.
    • JCMS-1041 - Minor : PortletCalendar does not display any event if type CalendarEvent was disabled in Query Types.
    • JCMS-1042 - Normal : In role editor cannot view all workflows
    • JCMS-1043 - Major : Workflow OR rules do not work
    • JCMS-1044 - Major : Bad performance on WebDAV with many files in a single folder
    • JCMS-1045 - Normal : Fields with label starting with a one-letter word are ignored
    • JCMS-1046 - Normal : Rewriting of WikiToolbar and ImageMap Toolbar to handle FormElementCount issues
    • JCMS-1047 - Normal : Type Editor : Cannot assign a tab which contains an apostroph
    • JCMS-1048 - Normal : Items of RSS 1.0 (RDF) feeds are not displayed (not parsed correctly).
    • JCMS-1049 - Major : Archives are not saved in all site languages.
    • JCMS-1050 - Major : Automatic statistics analyse on a day doesn't work.
    • JCMS-1051 - Minor : Backspace on a wysiwyg's selection (without focus) quit page.
    • JCMS-1052 - Minor : Excel throws an error message when opening the CSV of a query
    • JCMS-1053 - Major : Search: replaceFileDoc does not work when FileDocument is not in query's types
    • JCMS-1054 - Normal : Textarea scroll information are lost after Wiki actions under Firefox
    • JCMS-1055 - Minor : work report: cannot display results for all workspaces
    • JCMS-1056 - Minor : Popup portlet doesn't display correctly and allow multiple popup
    • JCMS-1057 - Minor : Local URL are not ignored in external weak link
    • JCMS-1058 - Normal : Icon [+] doesn't work in workspace role edition (members chooser)
    • JCMS-1059 - Minor : Treecat parameters are overrided by JcmsContext
    • JCMS-1060 - Minor : New types created, select first template instead of "default" template.
    • JCMS-1061 - Normal : Ajax TreeCat Refresh lost current selected categories
    • JCMS-1062 - Major : Group Chooser JSP does not compile under WebSphere (itCounter error)
    • JCMS-1063 - Major : WebDAV : Writers cannot create folders nor upload files
    • JCMS-1064 - Normal : Carriage return in field's default value prevent the edit form from working.
    • JCMS-1065 - Critical : A deadlock can occurs between ReaderNote writing and JSync synchronization
    • JCMS-1066 - Major : Notification criteria are not updated correctly
    • JCMS-1067 - Normal : Webdav can't open very long URL in Webfolder or Office documents
    • JCMS-1068 - Normal : Too many open files may occurs when using multiple JCMS webapps on appserver
    • JCMS-1069 - Normal : TypeEditor: Cannot unset "hidden" option for a field
    • JCMS-1070 - Normal : PortletQueryForeach : option "hide when no result" does not work with "skip publications"
    • JCMS-1071 - Minor : Unauthorized Overrided portal doesn't sendForbidden()
    • JCMS-1072 - Normal : Anybody can access to generated statReport files in upload/stats/*