JCMS 5.0.5 historique des changements

Historique des changements de JCMS 5.0.5

Catégories: Documentations , JCMS 5.0.5
Rédacteur : Olivier Dedieu

  1. Main updates
    • Improved performance of zip generation in deploy manager, IOUtil.deepListFiles(File,FileFilter).
    • Added property "deploy-mgr.copy-ignore" to allow directories or files to be ignored when retrieving dev or full copy.
    • New libraries version: log4j-1.2.13, metadata-extractor-2.3.1, PDFBox-0.7.2
  1. Bugs fixed
    • bug-jcms-5.0.4-516 : Incorrect file path when accessing upload or achives through reverse proxy
    • bug-jcms-5.0.4-517 : Cannot change order for children of root category
    • bug-jcms-5.0.4-518 : WF alarms are not removed
    • bug-jcms-5.0.4-519 : Faq Entries cannot be moved down
    • bug-jcms-5.0.4-520 : Adding caddy items from back-office search does not keep workspace refinement
    • bug-jcms-5.0.4-521 : Plus (+) icon in doc chooser (document upload) to add member or group line does not work
    • bug-jcms-5.0.4-522 : Quote in a category name or description breaks the interface of the category tree
    • bug-jcms-5.0.4-523 : Wiki text with parenthesis is not correctly converted
    • bug-jcms-5.0.4-524 : Forbidden menus are proposed in the work area.
    • bug-jcms-5.0.4-525 : Bad file assignement when uploading a new version of a FileDocument
    • bug-jcms-5.0.4-526 : Incomplete reader list for FileDocument
    • bug-jcms-5.0.4-527 : Bad chars in the store can corrupt stamp indices
    • bug-jcms-5.0.4-528 : Method findPortal() didn't find a portal target by display.jsp?id=<portalId>
    • bug-jcms-5.0.4-529 : WorkspaceWizard didn't copy WorkspaceExtension
    • bug-jcms-5.0.4-530 : Workspace: NullPointerException if there is a blank in the administrator list
    • bug-jcms-5.0.4-531 : Reverse indices may be corrupted by multiple links on the same data
    • bug-jcms-5.0.4-532 : Some references are lost after the store has been cleaned
    • bug-jcms-5.0.4-533 : New FAQ entries are not added at the end
    • bug-jcms-5.0.4-534 : Large Images in WYSIWYG are selected when clicking on toolbar instead of doing toolbar behavior
    • bug-jcms-5.0.4-535 : Some PDF files may lead to heavy CPU load and app server thread not released
    • bug-jcms-5.0.4-536 : Member list cannot be displayed if a member references null group.