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JCMS 5.0.4 release notes

JCMS 5.0.4 release notes

Categories: Documentations , JCMS 5.0.4
Writer : Olivier Dedieu

1. Main new features

    • [PagerTag] "All in one page" is hidden if there are too many items (limit defined by property jtaglib.PagerTag.pagerAllMax)

2. Main updates

    • [JSync] FileFetcher is more robust
    • [API] method Publication.hasReadRights() and Category.hasReadRights() deprecated
    • [Tag] Improved performance of <jalios:if> (IfTag) and <jalios:tree> (TreeTag).

3. Bugs fixed

    • bug-jcms-5.0.3-493 : JCMS startup fails if a type contains at least 2 required category fields
    • bug-jcms-5.0.3-494 : Schedulling stat accross multiple month makes wrong scheduling
    • bug-jcms-5.0.3-495 : StatAlarmListener generate stats one period too long
    • bug-jcms-5.0.3-496 : doSearchGroup.jsp display an old GroupChooser with arrows that doesn't work
    • bug-jcms-5.0.3-497 : Synchronised files of FileDocument with explicit rights may be corrupted on a replica under heavy load
    • bug-jcms-5.0.3-498 : Trash and Cross icon doesn't work in CaddyManager Rights
    • bug-jcms-5.0.3-499 : Some data may disappears because of bad date comparator behavior
    • bug-jcms-5.0.3-500 : No control when deleting a workspace administrator
    • bug-jcms-5.0.3-501 : Draft or expired documents are listed on the front-office
    • bug-jcms-5.0.3-502 : Count error for category refinement
    • bug-jcms-5.0.3-503 : Internet Explorer displays "nonsecure items" error when using https
    • bug-jcms-5.0.3-504 : Publication's groups/member read or update rights are not updated correctly in caddy
    • bug-jcms-5.0.3-505 : Exception when restarting JCMS from Deploy Manager, from AppServer admin or from touch of restart file (web.xml, REDEPLOY)
    • bug-jcms-5.0.3-506 : A member is still referenced in a workspace he does not belong to
    • bug-jcms-5.0.3-507 : Some events are missing in the calendar portlet
    • bug-jcms-5.0.3-508 : Cannot archive a Publication if an integrity check fails
    • bug-jcms-5.0.3-509 : Login case sensitivity ignored when checking member integrity
    • bug-jcms-5.0.3-510 : Authentification fails when trying to download file even though site access still works
    • bug-jcms-5.0.3-511 : A member cannot be authenticated although his account is available
    • bug-jcms-5.0.3-512 : Some member access workspace they do not belong to
    • bug-jcms-5.0.3-513 : Images are not broken in the wysiwyg editor
    • bug-jcms-5.0.3-514 : Workspace Extensions not correctly handle
    • bug-jcms-5.0.3-515 : PortletQueryForeach with 2 queries throw ClassCastException