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JCMS 5.0.3 release notes

JCMS 5.0.3 release notes

Categories: Documentations , JCMS 5.0.3
Writer : Olivier Dedieu

1. Main new features

2. Main updates

    • [Stats] Update Stats mechanism for better UnitTest.
    • [Util] Improve/Test ObjectIntTreeMap behavior and compatibility with ChartTag
    • [Wiki] CSS support have been updated (see bug-jcms-5.0.2-459)
    • [Wiki] Wiki tag and JcmsUtil.wiki2html() support div or span rendering.
    • [Wiki] Add support for verbatim and quote
    • [Wiki] Generates relative URL for inner link (display.jsp?... instead of http://...)
    • [Custom] Move doInitCustom.jsp after doinitPortal.jsp include (allowing use of jcmsContext)
    • [Portlet] Do not control HTML in DisplayTitle field of AbstractPortletSkinable

3. Bugs fixed

    • bug-jcms-5.0.2-447 (Signing or zipping webapp takes forever or end with error about symbolic link)
    • bug-jcms-5.0.2-448 (Portlet Explorer displays a column with label "ui.com.lbl.-long")
    • bug-jcms-5.0.2-449 (404 NotFound (imgBrowser.jsp) when editing and saving image from image browser)
    • bug-jcms-5.0.2-450 (404 Not Found (work/makeLink2.jsp) when saving new publication edited from pub chooser widget)
    • bug-jcms-5.0.2-451 (Categories displayed in a search result refinement zone (FO) are displayed on two columns under Opera)
    • bug-jcms-5.0.2-452 (Sort order is not used when doing text search)
    • bug-jcms-5.0.2-453 (In the Back Office some pages' titles may contain html markup (<i>Member name</i>))
    • bug-jcms-5.0.2-454 (NullPointerException or Infinite redirect in the back office when listing or editing publication)
    • bug-jcms-5.0.2-455 (Wrong behaviour of method ServletUtil.get[Abs][UrlWith]UpdatedParams(...); when removing pattern)
    • bug-jcms-5.0.2-456 (Case insensitive login doesn't work with login containing uppercase character)
    • bug-jcms-5.0.2-457 (Glossary: accentuated characters break entry order)
    • bug-jcms-5.0.2-458 (An admin with no member or group rights cannot access file chooser)
    • bug-jcms-5.0.2-459 (jalios:wiki>: incorrect CSS support)
    • bug-jcms-5.0.2-460 (Some member profile edition fails with MemberExtension)
    • bug-jcms-5.0.2-461 (Login form (login.jsp) disappears without message on authentication error)
    • bug-jcms-5.0.2-462 (Portal rendering fails if a PortletMenu contains an empty item)
    • bug-jcms-5.0.2-463 (Same SMTP settings is used accross multiple webapps (mail))
    • bug-jcms-5.0.2-464 (Weblogic doesn't want to include a .html in statReport)
    • bug-jcms-5.0.2-465 (Wrong workspace while analizing stats with multilisteners)
    • bug-jcms-5.0.2-466 (Deleted data no longer analysed in StatReport)
    • bug-jcms-5.0.2-467 (Cannot delete duplicated documents)
    • bug-jcms-5.0.2-468 (Category editor does not escape html code)
    • bug-jcms-5.0.2-469 (Category editor is unusable if a category is used by many workspaces)
    • bug-jcms-5.0.2-470 (Enumerate widget icons doesn't work correctly)
    • bug-jcms-5.0.2-471 (TreeCat Widget doesn't break line in horizontal mode)
    • bug-jcms-5.0.2-472 (The content of the caddy is not printed correctly)
    • bug-jcms-5.0.2-473 (Wrong document visibility)
    • bug-jcms-5.0.2-474 (Faq and Glossary entries cannot be displayed if their parent is expired)
    • bug-jcms-5.0.2-475 (Member list fails if the skip parameter contains a bad value)
    • bug-jcms-5.0.2-476 (Signup validation feature doesn't work)
    • bug-jcms-5.0.2-477 (PortletExplorer does not use group right of logged member to check category right)
    • bug-jcms-5.0.2-478 (Clear icon doesn't update DurationChooser fields)
    • bug-jcms-5.0.2-479 (Bad consolidation for analysed stats (following bug-jcms-5.0.2-465))
    • bug-jcms-5.0.2-480 (Better, UserFriendly StatReport Management. (following bug-jcms-5.0.2-479 and bug-jcms-5.0.2-465))
    • bug-jcms-5.0.2-481 (Some required category fields cannot be validated)
    • bug-jcms-5.0.2-482 (Some categories are lost when category tab is hidden)
    • bug-jcms-5.0.2-483 (Sorting does not work with "table" template of PortletQueryForeachDetail)
    • bug-jcms-5.0.2-484 (Hidden documents can be accessed by anyone)
    • bug-jcms-5.0.2-485 (Multiple StatReport can be global report)
    • bug-jcms-5.0.2-486 (JSync may duplicate some create operations)
    • bug-jcms-5.0.2-487 (Store parsing affects load report)
    • bug-jcms-5.0.2-488 (Searching in files do not use refinement options)
    • bug-jcms-5.0.2-489 (<jalios:categories> throws a NullPointerException if root category is a leaf)
    • bug-jcms-5.0.2-490 (Printing caddy content does not keep caddy insertion order)
    • bug-jcms-5.0.2-491 (JSync performs unsubstantuated partial updates)
    • bug-jcms-5.0.2-492 (Workspace admin members doesn't correctly update members workspace and rights)