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JCMS 4.0.1 release notes

JCMS 4.0.1 release notes

Categories: Documentations , JCMS 4.0
Writer : Olivier Dedieu

1. Main new features

    • Publication:
      • Add getWorkflow() method
    • PubChooser/PubBrowser
      • Add new parameter showReadRightsPub that is true while adding a Portlet in Customized Portlet (Row or Col) when the parameter is true it only display portlet that has read rights.
    • Portal
      • Add a new jsp portlet.jsp that display a portlet given has parameter (portlet=id). The jsp only contains doInitPage.jsp. Usefull for technocal stuff.
    • Form
      • Add support for tab navigation
    • Authentication
      • Add support for transient authentication.
    • Wysiwyg
      • Add support to display the cells of table with no border
    • FileSearchEngine
      • Add getDocument() method
    • FileDocument
      • Add isIndexed(), getIndexedDate() and getLuceneDocument() methods
      • FullDisplay: display the indexation date

2. Main updates

    • PubChooser/PubBrowser
      • change the placement for add/caddy icons
    • Authentication
      • by default, all authentication are transient.
    • QueryChooser:
      • No more restrict to search roots
    • PortletSearch:
      • Add Pointer to Portlet Query/Foreach
      • Add Template that looklike search.jsp
      • Show Results in current Portal using Portlet Query/Foreach
    • PortletQueryForeach:
      • Can query using request parameters
    • Cache:
      • allow invalidate cache on Data, Publication, PortalElement, Content, Category, Member, Group.
      • cache manager: display type label instead of class short name
      • Cache are no more invalidated by create/update/delete of publication which are in the back-office (i.e. not in a visible state)
      • Portlet: session cache are no more disabled when adminIcon are on.
    • FileDocument:
      • preserve '-' and '.' chars in the filename when uploading
      • prepend urid if file-document.urid == true
    • Search:
      • no more search with suffix for 'all' and 'any' modes. I.E. left truncate: searching 'axe' will no more match "taxe"
    • Form:
      • tab to navigate among fields
      • opened tab are no more remembered (see bug-jcms-4.0-148).
    • Form Type:
      • display submission in work area
    • TypEditor:
      • Textual fields: dynamic interface to choose attributes
      • Wysiwyg fields: interface to choose the toolbars to include
    • CaddyManager
      • Add refinement on categories and types.
    • EditTag:
      • Add typeSet attribute

3. Bugs fixed

    • bug-jcms-4.0-123 (Cannot force to display a publication with a given portal)
    • bug-jcms-4.0-124 (FileChooser : bad referrer count in file zoom area)
    • bug-jcms-4.0-125 (Cannot uncategorize a publication)
    • bug-jcms-4.0-126 (PDF Icon missing for FileDocument)
    • bug-jcms-4.0-127 (FDPublicationListener : NullPointer if no read rights)
    • bug-jcms-4.0-128 (In 'mail this publication', the title is not displayed with the user language)
    • bug-jcms-4.0-129 (A JavaScript error occurs on some WYSIWYG fields)
    • bug-jcms-4.0-130 (Uploaded PowerPoint files are typed as "Unknown Document Type")
    • bug-jcms-4.0-131 (StackOverflow when a portlet targets one of its ancestors)
    • bug-jcms-4.0-132 (FileChooser: Exception when the selected file is "s.gif")
    • bug-jcms-4.0-133 (TypeEditor: tab does not support apostroph)
    • bug-jcms-4.0-134 (Query description: do not display the label but the name of the types)
    • bug-jcms-4.0-135 (Member fields are not reduced to the given groups)
    • bug-jcms-4.0-136 (Required list of link are not required)
    • bug-jcms-4.0-138 (Pdate is not set when duplicating a publication)
    • bug-jcms-4.0-139 (Some state labels are not displayed)
    • bug-jcms-4.0-140 (CSS are not rendered in the wysiwyg area)
    • bug-jcms-4.0-141 (Required category fields are not required)
    • bug-jcms-4.0-142 (Upgrade Manager misses some files)
    • bug-jcms-4.0-143 (Some fields are ignored)
    • bug-jcms-4.0-144 (No Toolbar for PortletRow Customized)
    • bug-jcms-4.0-145 (Title is not displayed in the user language)
    • bug-jcms-4.0-146 (Monovalued Category fields cannot be unchecked)
    • bug-jcms-4.0-147 (Related cannot be removed)
    • bug-jcms-4.0-148 (Form with many tabs may logout the user)
    • bug-jcms-4.0-149 (Bad workflow rendering with groups which contain apostroph)
    • bug-jcms-4.0-150 (Search with more than 1 word are not performed on category name)
    • bug-jcms-4.0-151 (PortletImage does not open the link in a new window)

4. Known Bugs

    • bug-v2.0-18 (Support of oe ligature)
    • bug-v2.0-23 (Wiki does not support cp1252)
    • bug-jcms-2.0-91 (rcMember.jsp does not work with private channel)
    • bug-jcms-4.0-137 (Poor tab rendering in some forms)

5. Incompatibilties