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JCMS 4.0.3 release notes

JCMS 4.0.3 release notes

Categories: Documentations , JCMS 4.0.3
Writer : Olivier Dedieu

1. Main new features

    • Admin: can temporarily disable all data write
    • Add ReaderNote on publication
    • Add Workflow Express
    • Add 'role' for Workflow (this allow multiple submission for a state change)
    • Completly rewrite JCMS Upgrade mechanism
    • Add DeployManager mechanism
    • Add a GZIP Servlet that compress html by 90%
    • Add wiki toolbar
    • Add Dev Admin management
    • Add CSS bar for wysiwyg editor (and css/wysiwyg.css)
    • API
      • Channel.getLinkIndexedDataSet(data, clazz, field)
      • Channel.getUrid()
      • Publication.getLinkIndexedDataSet(clazz, field)
      • Publication.isInVisibleState()
      • Publication.hasAlreadyVoted(mbr)
      • Publication.getReaderSet()
      • Publication.getReaderCount()
      • Publication.hasBeenReadBy()
      • Publication.isTracked()
      • Publication.getReaderComparator()
      • Publication.CanWorkOnSelector()

2. Main updates

    • Add Server Cache for Groups and for Members (be careful)
    • Disable Cache while looking for (Publication, JSP, Portlet)
    • New color chooser for Color field
    • memberChooser.jsp supports gidsOff parameter
    • There's a Cache for isNS4 and for other browser
    • Portlet (Extends AbstractPortlet) have their default content align at left instead of centered
    • LDAP access has been rewritten:
      • Better Handle of LDAP Sync
      • Choose Between option Member Exists / Member can Login in LDAP
      • Choose if LDAP Sync the Member account
    • Portlet Query/Foreach can work with Parameters in URL with "query.jsp" as template.
    • Portlet Query/Foreach can sort on Title
    • Sort CSS Label in Portlet
    • Portlet use now the new Color Chooser

3. Bugs fixed

    • bug-jcms-4.0.1-152 (Edit Tag Layer doesn't work with cache)
    • bug-jcms-4.0.1-153 (CategoryTreeTag Doesn't work with BEA Weblogic)
    • bug-jcms-4.0.1-154 (Security Hole with debugXXX.jsp)
    • bug-jcms-4.0.1-155 (Unbalenced Bracket in doTypeFieldEditor.jsp)
    • bug-jcms-4.0.1-156 (Application Server doesn't restard correctly) (Fixed at 75%)
    • bug-jcms-4.0.1-157 (Cannot redirect after a publication update)
    • bug-jcms-4.0.1-158 (Unbalenced Bracket in doEditCommonPortlet.jsp)
    • bug-jcms-4.0.1-159 (Cannot create PortletParent)
    • bug-jcms-4.0.1-160 (BEA WLS display messages for non-serializable objects)
    • bug-jcms-4.0.1-161 (Reminiscence of bug-jcms-4.0.1-157)
    • bug-jcms-4.0.1-162 (TypeEditor fails when editing the a type with a category field targetting an unknown category
    • bug-jcms-4.0.1-163 (Rights for FileDocument are not correctly controlled)
    • bug-jcms-4.0.1-164 (FileDocument keeps hidden for visible content)
    • bug-jcms-4.0.1-165 (Exception in doEditCommonPortlet.jsp)
    • bug-jcms-4.0.1-166 (Bugs on Wysiwig's invisible table border)
    • bug-jcms-4.0.1-168 (A work copy cannot be merged)
    • bug-jcms-4.0.1-171 (PubChooser. Add icon (to add a new publication) is sensible to edit icon flag)
    • bug-jcms-4.0.1-172 (CaddyManager does not check publish rights)
    • bug-jcms-4.0.1-173 (Can't do DeepDuplicate with Type that extends PortletParent)
    • bug-jcms-4.0.1-174 (maxlength attribute is ignored for textfield)
    • bug-jcms-4.0.1-176 (Cannot access to generated PDF files)
    • bug-jcms-4.0.1-177 (Cannot delete a workflow)
    • bug-jcms-4.0.1-178 (A NullPointerException is thrown when the store is loaded after a store cleaning)

4. Known Bugs

    • bug-v2.0-18 (Support of oe ligature)
    • bug-v2.0-23 (Wiki does not support cp1252)
    • bug-jcms-2.0-91 (rcMember.jsp does not work with private channel)
    • bug-jcms-4.0.1-167 (Error in Member right computing)
    • bug-jcms-4.0.1-169 (Bad redirect for FileDocument)
    • bug-jcms-4.0.1-170 (Display templates are duplicated in Type.xml file)
    • bug-jcms-4.0.1-175 (Cannot convert multi-lingual scalar field to list)

5. Incompatibilties