JCMS 5.0.0 release notes

JCMS 5.0.0 release notes

Categories: Documentations , JCMS 5.0
Writer : Olivier Dedieu

1. Main new features

    • [Admin] adminChannel.jsp : display #form, #portlet, #archives
    • [Admin] log4j
    • [Admin] all forbidden access are logged
    • [Admin] Data Integrity Report
    • [Admin] CSV export for Workspace, group and member list
    • [Admin] Disable data write when a store i/o exception occured, and alert admin
    • [Admin] Add icons
    • [Admin] Add a scrolling message when data write are disabled
    • [Admin] Add support to track and display member session
    • [Auth] Add support for SSL for page with password
    • [API] add channel.getUploadPath()
    • [API] add DataController
    • [API] add RightPolicy.checkUpload()
    • [API] add RightPolicy.checkHtml()
    • [API] add RightPolicy.canWorkOn()
    • [API] add Publication.TrackedSelector()
    • [API] add Data.toCSV() and Data.getCSVHeader()
    • [API] add QueryFilter (through QueryManager)
    • [API] add AuthenticationManager
    • [API] Date search now supports SDATE search
    • [Caddy] Add WS column
    • [Category] Add color field
    • [Forum] Forum and ForumDiscussion can be closed
    • [Forum] ForumDiscussion can be watched
    • [Forum] ForumDiscussion: add support for file upload
    • [Form] HTML code can be escaped or checked
    • [Form] Spellchecker
    • [JStore] logs a warning if the store has been modified since last jstore op.
    • [Misc] Add property channel.favicon
    • [Misc] Publication forms support update by delta
    • [Misc] Add copyright notice
    • [Misc] Add archive icon
    • [Portlet] PortletBookmarks
    • [Portlet] PortletCalendar
    • [Portlet] PortletNotification
    • [Portlet] PortletExplorer
    • [Portlet] PortletRow / PortletColumn: add static tab template
    • [Portlet] PortletNavigate: add VerticalMenu template
    • [RSS] PortletRSS: Add a new template
    • [Seach] CSV export queryWork.jsp
    • [Tag] <jalios:datechooser>
    • [Tag] <jalios:include>
    • [Tag] <jalios:widget>
    • [Tag] <jalios:archive>
    • [WYSIWYG] Spellchecker
    • [WYSIWYG] HTML (MS Word) source cleaner

2. Main updates

    • [All] all the JSP have been dispatched in directories
    • [Admin] status.jsp is more robust
    • [Admin] restart works better with Tomcat and Weblogic
    • [Admin] new MemoryMonitor (pure HTML, no image)
    • [Admin] the site is disabled if an error occurs at startup
    • [API] channel.isVisiblePstatus() / channel.isDefaultQueryPstatus()
    • [Auth] Use MD5 as default crypt algorithm for password
    • [Caddy] Reader tracking
    • [Category] image/icon : add access to the imgBrowser
    • [FileDoc] distinguish upload and re-upload icons
    • [FileDoc] getSize() method replace contentLength field
    • [Form] New popup calendar
    • [Form] No more acces to fileChooser
    • [Glossary] Add new alphabetical index
    • [Misc] doEmptyHeader.jsp: Force refresh
    • [Misc] alphabetical sort ignore case
    • [Poll] cannot change the options once users have voted
    • [Portal] prevent deletion of the default portal
    • [RSS] The refresh icon is no more displayed when admin icons are hidden
    • [JStore] improve store access perf up to 8 times on large store
    • [JSync] improve perf for large store access
    • [JSync] improve support for tree topologies
    • [JSync] improve support for partial update (with maxOpPerUpdate)
    • [JSync] logs new data (duration, partial & merged update)
    • [JSync] display the replica state in the backoffice footer
    • [Tag] <jalios:lang>: in list mode ; print the current language without link
    • [Tag] The following tag have been removed: flag, dropcap, news, download
    • [Type] Webpage core type has been removed and replaced by generated WebPage type
    • [Type] With JDK 1.4.x, no more warn about deprecated compiler method.
    • [Type] Faster to compiler the type
    • [Type] URL field: add default pattern to match
    • [Type] Add option to escape HTML
    • [Type] Category are no more required by default
    • [Type] New CSS for do_Type_FullDisplay.jsp (see jalios.css)
    • [Type] No more option 'Category required' (but it can be specified on each category field)
    • [WF] Prevent transition from Archive state
    • [Portal] cid parameter has now multiple values and is now used to set contextual categories (used by PortletQF/D and Navigate)
    • [Portal] Split PortletPortal and PortletPortalRedirect

3. Bugs fixed

    • bug-jcms-4.1.0-256 (SendMailTag doesn't work)
    • bug-jcms-4.1.1-267 (Publications published/expired with the caddy have no pdate/edate)
    • bug-jcms-4.1.1-268 (Reader tracking is lost when uploading a new version)
    • bug-jcms-4.1.1-269 (Cannot access a dev-copy)
    • bug-jcms-4.1.1-270 (Cannot remove archive date nor sort date)
    • bug-jcms-4.1.1-271 (PortletSearch fails at compile-time)
    • bug-jcms-4.1.1-272 (The workflow is not rendered if a state contains an apostroph)
    • bug-jcms-4.1.1-273 (At creation-time, only the WF initState is available)
    • bug-jcms-4.1.1-274 (Large workspace names add horizontal scrollbar)
    • bug-jcms-4.1.1-275 (PubBrowser does not refresh pager attributes when selecting a new category.)
    • bug-jcms-4.1.1-276 (Cannot update Workspace with JCMS Workgroup Edition)
    • bug-jcms-4.1.1-277 (Inconsistency in expiry and archiving calendar)
    • bug-jcms-4.1.1-278 (All read/write store operations are frozen)
    • bug-jcms-4.1.1-279 (Store parsing is not thread-safe)
    • bug-jcms-4.1.1-280 (Parallel WF transitions are managed with an AND semantic)
    • bug-jcms-4.1.1-281 (JSC errors at startup)
    • bug-jcms-4.1.1-282 (The query editor does not preserve "exact type" option)
    • bug-jcms-4.1.1-283 (Some custom types have disappeared)
    • bug-jcms-4.1.1-284 (Cannot mail publication to a friend)
    • bug-jcms-4.1.1-285 (Bad target for glossary inter-links)
    • bug-jcms-4.1.1-286 (Cannot insert publication link w/ wysiwyg editor)
    • bug-jcms-4.1.1-287 (The store is corrupted when importing categories from a binary file)
    • bug-jcms-4.1.1-288 (Bad labels for list of boolean fields)
    • bug-jcms-4.1.1-289 (workList: Bad redirect when using validate icon)
    • bug-jcms-4.1.1-290 (Tab panes don't work with IE 5.5 on Windows NT4 SP6)
    • bug-jcms-4.1.1-291 (InternetExplorer crashes when submitting a form)
    • bug-jcms-4.1.1-292 (UpgradeManager produces bad zip file on Websphere)
    • bug-jcms-4.1.1-293 (JSync update fails when joining)
    • bug-jcms-4.1.1-294 (JSync logs cannot be refined by hour)
    • bug-jcms-4.1.1-295 (Faq/Glossary: pstatus is not checked for faq/glossary entries)
    • bug-jcms-4.1.1-296 (File deletion is not propagated over replicas)
    • bug-jcms-4.1.1-297 (Cannot print form submissions put in the caddy)
    • bug-jcms-4.1.1-298 (Some characters are not unaccentuated)
    • bug-jcms-4.1.1-299 (Bad redirect when an admin authenticate with another account)
    • bug-jcms-4.1.1-300 (Bad update of Categories ContentSet by PublicationListener)
    • bug-jcms-4.1.1-301 (Redirection to home page when clicking redcross in templates tab of type editor)
    • bug-jcms-4.1.1-302 (Some deleted data are resurrected after the store has been cleaned)
    • bug-jcms-4.1.1-303 (Some uploaded files are not available)
    • bug-jcms-4.1.1-304 (Bad character encoding in wysiwyg editor on MS Windows)
    • bug-jcms-4.1.1-305 (CategoryExtension and GroupExtension are not duplicated)
    • bug-jcms-4.1.1-306 (HighlightTag keep text highlighted (tag pooling bug))
    • bug-jcms-4.1.1-307 (MetaDataExtractor can entail "Too many open files" error)
    • bug-jcms-4.1.1-308 (Missing Edit Icon in Portlet Query Foreach Detailed when "Content" type used)
    • bug-jcms-4.1.1-309 (JspException "WikiTag: null" when parsing a wiki field containing a wiki table)
    • bug-jcms-4.1.1-310 (Replication: the leader cannot update the group)
    • bug-jcms-4.1.1-311 (Pager: All in one page starts at last skip index)
    • bug-jcms-4.1.1-312 (DeployManager: cannot download a signature on Websphere)
    • bug-jcms-4.1.1-313 (LinkIndexManager ignores some links on member and group)
    • bug-jcms-4.1.1-314 (Incorrect base url when https on port 443 is used, leading to absolute url in wysiwyg)

4. Known Bugs

    • bug-v2.0-18 (Support of oe ligature)
    • bug-v2.0-23 (Wiki does not support cp1252)
    • bug-jcms-2.0-91 (rcMember.jsp does not work with private channel)
    • bug-jcms-4.0-137 (Poor tab rendering in some forms)
    • bug-jcms-4.0.1-167 (Error in Member right computing)
    • bug-jcms-4.0.1-169 (Bad redirect for FileDocument)
    • bug-jcms-4.0.1-170 (Display templates are duplicated in Type.xml file)
    • bug-jcms-4.0.1-175 (Cannot convert multi-lingual scalar field to list)
    • bug-jcms-4.0.3-190 (Some branches of category tab are too expanded)
    • bug-jcms-4.0.3-232 (Documents linked through Publication link are not controlled)
    • bug-jcms-4.1.0-259 (GZIP Compression fails on BEA Weblogic 8)

5. Incompatibilties

    • Login : field renaming (JCMS_login / JCMS_password / JCMS_persistentCookie / JCMS_opLogin)
    • store.xml
      • PortlePortal + redirect URL -> PortletPortalRedirect redirectUrlAddress=
      • PrintPortal (header/footer)
      • com.jalios.jcms.Webpage -> generated.WebPage
      • PorletJSPCollection -> PortletJspCollection + jsp/jspFile
      • PortletLog

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