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Lotus Notes Plugin 3.1


Notes provides you some portlets to display appointments, contacts, mails, notebooks, todos, etc. from an IBM Lotus Notes server.

You have 2 choices for the portlet.

  • Portlet Notes: used to display Notes items (appointments, ...) in JCM
  • Portlets iNotes: used to display iNotes portals into JCMS via an iframe.

The plugin allow you to import IBM Lotus Notes data into JCMS. It is delivered with a agent in a JAR file called Jalios Agent.


1. Task Portlet
2. Calendar Portlet


1. Requirements

  • Domino release 7.0.2 or 8.5
  • Jalios agent installed inside the Notes server

2. Installation

Install the Notes plugin and restart JCMS Server.

To install the Jalios agent, see Installation de l'agent Jalios dans un serveur Notes

3. Configuration

Configure Plugin properties

In the administration properties you have to set:

  • Domino Server URL
  • The cache duration, important if you use Portlet Notes
  • Notes database to search in.
  • Jalios agent URL. This URL is relative to the Domino server URL.
  • Map service, if needed
  • Request timeout 

You can use 2 kinds of portlets: Portlet Notes and iNotes Portlet.

Configure portlets Notes

In your workspace properties, enable (or add) the following following portlet types:

  • Portlet Notes
  • Portlet Notes Calendar
  • Portlet Notes Contacts
  • Portlet Notes Mail
  • Portlet Notes Notebook
  • Portlet Notes ToDo

In this case, the Jalios Agent on Domino server side is required. You may deploy it before.

Configure portlet iNotes to view Notes in a iframe

There is one (1) iNotes portlet.

  • Portlet iNotes View

This portlet allow you to chose the view to display in you frame. Available views are:

  1. Appointment, which in you can see only the appointments.
  2. Contact: this view show your Notes contacts only.
  3. Mail: display your Notes mails only.
  4. Notebook: display only the Notes notebook item.
  5. Task: with this view you can see only your Notes tasks.
  6. Welcome: This view give display all the others using a tab for each one.

Don't forget to add Desktop ability to your portlet if not done yet!

Configure plugin for data importation

This plugin give you the possibility to import Domino Lotus Notes data into JCMS. It provides a basic import handler that can be inherited to create your custom handler. This fonctionnality is available in development mode.

Before importing data from Lotus Domino into JCMS you must have:

  • the agent Jalios Agent
  • the mapping and the corresponding Jcms type or your custom import handler in the plugin properties file.

To import your data, go to the admin area and in the development tools choose Import Notes Database.


  • 3.1
  • Stable
  • JCMS 9
    JPlatform 10
Certified by Jalios
  • Yes
  • Paid Plugin
  • Jalios Support
  • Jalios SA
  • Jalios
  • 691.92 KB
  • 2/19/16
  • 53
Required Plugins
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