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Import document plugin 4.1


This plugin automatically imports in JCMS as documents files uploaded in external directories.

File can be imported as FileDocument or DBFileDocument.

Since version 3.0, this plugin can monitor severals directories. For each directory you have to define :

  • the author of the imported document
  • the status of the imported document
  • the workspace of the imported document
  • the workflow of the imported document
  • the categories of the imported document
  • the read access of the imported document
  • the update access of the imported document
  • a regular expression for the generation of the title of the documents
  • the behavoir after the import : keep, delete or move the imported file
  • the document class : FileDocument, DBFileDocument, ...

By default, only Word, Powerpoint, Excel and PDF are imported.


1. Import Rule


  1. Deploy the plugin archive and stop the application,
  2. Before restarting JCMS, don't forget to spécify the properties of your repositories. You can see an example of a repository configuration in plugin.prop file.

Since version 3.0, the properties of the plugin are no more editable from the user interface.

See example of properties in plugin.prop file.

Copy those properties in custom.prop and replace ‹repository-id› with the identifier of your directory.

The following table list the properties of the plugin:

Nom Description Mandatory Default value
<repository-id>.name The name (label) of the directory no Valeur de <repository-id>

Import directory: the path of the directory the plugin will monitor.

Under Windows, it is possible to use UNC syntax for network shares. Ex: \\host\partage

Note: this folder must be accessible by the user which runs your application server. With Tomcat under windows, in service mode, you must not use a local system account

yes -
<repository-id>.schedulePeriod Schedule period: the directory will be scan at this frequency. Default value is 1 minute. no 1
<repository-id>.component.ImportDocumentProcessor.extensions Extension of file to be imported. For instance : doc ppt xls pdf. no  
<repository-id>.behavior This property defines, once the file has been imported, if it  must be kept (keep) , deleted (delete) or archived (archive directory) no keep
<repository-id>.import.title-regexp A regular expression uses to clean the title of the document no  
<repository-id>.import.type FileDocument o DBFileDocument yes FileDocument
<repository-id>.import.pstatus Status (pstatus) of the document no 0
<repository-id>.import.author Author of the imported document yes Default admin
<repository-id>.import.ws Workspace of the imported document yes Default workspace
<repository-id>.import.categories Identifier of categories of the imported document (space-separated). no -
<repository-id>.import.read-rights.mbr Identifier of members authorized to read the document no -
<repository-id>.import.read-rights.grp Identifier of groups authorized to read the documents no -
<repository-id>.import.ocr Do character recognition wich OCR Plugin when importing documents? true or false. This property has no effects if OCR Plugin is not installed no true
Examples :
# Scans import
fileprocessor.repository.scanner.name:                                         HotFolder - Scans
fileprocessor.repository.scanner.baseDirectory:                                /home/pseudo/jaliosnet/hotfolder/scans
fileprocessor.repository.scanner.schedulePeriod:                               1
fileprocessor.repository.scanner.component.ImportDocumentProcessor.class:      com.jalios.jcmsplugin.importdocument.ImportDocumentProcessor
fileprocessor.repository.scanner.component.ImportDocumentProcessor.extensions: pdf
fileprocessor.repository.scanner.behavior:                                     delete
fileprocessor.repository.scanner.import.type:                                  FileDocument
fileprocessor.repository.scanner.import.author:                                c_110
fileprocessor.repository.scanner.import.ws:                                    j_4
fileprocessor.repository.scanner.import.categories:                            jn1_148915
fileprocessor.repository.scanner.import.read-rights.grp:                       jn1_148923
fileprocessor.repository.scanner.ocr: false

# Fax import
fileprocessor.repository.fax.name:                                             HotFolder - Fax
fileprocessor.repository.fax.baseDirectory:                                    /home/pseudo/jaliosnet/hotfolder/fax
fileprocessor.repository.fax.schedulePeriod:                                   1
fileprocessor.repository.fax.component.ImportDocumentProcessor.class:          com.jalios.jcmsplugin.importdocument.ImportDocumentProcessor
fileprocessor.repository.fax.component.ImportDocumentProcessor.extensions:     pdf
fileprocessor.repository.fax.behavior:                                         delete
fileprocessor.repository.fax.import.type:                                      DBFileDocument
fileprocessor.repository.fax.import.author:                                    jn1_33315
fileprocessor.repository.fax.import.ws:                                        j_4
fileprocessor.repository.fax.import.categories:                                jn1_148914
fileprocessor.repository.fax.import.read-rights.grp:                           jn1_148924
fileprocessor.repository.fax.import.title-regexp:                              s!img-!fax-!
fileprocessor.repository.fax.ocr: true


1. Comment préfixer les documents déposés ?

En utilisant la propriété title-regexp, vous pouvez ajouter un préfixe à tous les documents importés.

Par exemple, pour ajouter le prefixe "Scan Marketing ", il suffit de déclarer une propriété de la forme :

fileprocessor.repository.scanner.import.title-regexp: s!^(.)!Scan Marketing $1!


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