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Podcast Plugin 4.0


The Podcast plugin allows publishing of files (audio, video, ...) using a RSS itunes compatible feed.


1. Podcast fulldisplay
2. Template for the Portlet Query Foreach


This plugin requires JCMS 9.0 or a above

1. Introduction

The Podcast plugin allows publishing of audio files using a RSS iTunes compatible feed.

2. Installation

Add this with the JCMS Plugin Manager and restart JCMS.

Warning: On the first start some categories required by the Podcast content type will be imported (created) into your site

Enable the Podcast content type in the workspaces where you'd like to use it.

Follow configuration instructions below to create new instance of podcast and use them in your portal.

3. Configuration

3.1 Creating the Podcast

The podcast creation and the files selection is provided through the creation of new instance of the Podcast content type. In this content type you will specify the categories in which to search the files (fig. 1) and other informations regarding the feed.

Fig. 1. Podcast content type categories

3.2 Adding the podcast to your portal

A template for the Portlet Query Foreach is automatically added when installing this plugin.
It will allow you to create a new instance of Portlet Query Foreach and query every Podcast instance you wish to present in your portal.
This template provides all the necessary links to subscribe to the feed (fig. 2).

Fig. 2. Template for the Portlet Query Foreach

Once visible in your portal, the Podcast can also be viewed and will present each audio file in its full display (fig. 3).

Fig. 3. Podcast fulldisplay


4. Advanced Configuration (optionnal)

4.1 Categories

Two of the categories imported during first start are required by the podcast content type. 
You may change those categories in the administration of the Podcast plugin or by editing the values of following properties in your custom.prop file : 

  • Podcast root category : $jcmsplugin.PodcastPlugin.podcast-root-cat
  • iTunes root category : $jcmsplugin.PodcastPlugin.itunes-root-cat

4.2 Files allowed in the feed

If you need to widen or tighten the scope of files' type allowed in podcast feed, you can change the value of this property (either through the podcast plugin administration or by editing your custom.prop file) :

  • Valid mime-types : jcmsplugin.PodcastPlugin.audio-files.valid-mime-type


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