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WebEx Plugin 2.1


WebEx module provides support services WebEx collaboration that provides comprehensive interactive features and multimedia communications on the Web, so you can interact effectively in a web meeting.

It is possible to:

  • Schedule a WebEx conference in JCMS, and show this conference in the Portlet of the Calendar plugin.
  • Start a WebEx meeting directly in JCMS
  • View the detailed history of the meeting

This plugin requires JCMS 9 SP1.


1. Fulldisplay of the WebEx event
2. WebEx Meeting application



Install Jalios WebEx Plugin and Calendar Plugin, and restart JCMS.


You must first have a Meeting Center Corporate Account to use the WebEx plugin because it is the only one who can use the WebEx XML API.

WebEx provides the following information required to configure the plugin WebEx:

  • WebEx ID: WebEx user ID for the WebEx Site Administrator.
  • Password: The password for the WebEx Site Administrator.
  • Site ID: The WebEx-assigned identification number that uniquely identifies your website.
  • Site Name: The first string in your WebEx site URL, provided by WebEx. For example, siteName is "acme" for the site http://acme.webex.com.
  • Partner ID: Optional. A reference to the WebEx partner.

Administration properties

You must copy your the information previously received by WebEx in the WebEx plugin Administration properties.

Administration properties

User Profile

Members who are the meeting hosts must enter their WebEx identifiers via their profile page.

For this, go to your profile page, click the User Account tab, then click the WebEx Identifiers... link.

A modal opens, in which you must enter your WebEx ID and password. Then click the Save button.

Member WebEx Identifiers

Create a WebEx Meeting

Note : Only members who are meeting hosts are allowed to create WebEx meetings. If you are a host, you must enter your WebEx identifiers in your profile page.

To create a new WebEx meeting, go to the Add menu in the top bar of the home page, then click Events -> WebEx meeting.

Add a WebEx meeting from Publish menu

A new modal window opens with four steps: Informations, Attendees, Documents and Advanced

Add a WebEx Meeting - Modal form: Informations
  1. Informations:

    This step is used to enter the basic information needed to create a meeting.

    • Title: required. This field is used to enter the WebEx Meeting title.

    • Start date and End date: required. These fields are used to enter the dates at which the meeting takes place.

    • The Time Zone: This field is used to enter the time zone associated with the dates previously entered.

    • Remind: Optional.

    • Description: Optional.

    • Confidentiality: Optional.

  2. Attendees:

    This step is optional. You can add members who will participate in the WebEx Meeting.

    You can choose another meeting host if you do not participate in the WebEx Meeting.

    Note: The Member that you select must have entered his WebEx identifiers in his Profile page.

    Add a WebEx Meeting - Modal form: Attendees
  3. Documents:

    This step is optional. You can attach documents to the WebEx Meeting.

    Add a WebEx Meeting - Modal form: Documents
  4. Advanced:

    This step is optional, you can give more details about the WebEx Meeting:

    • Select Categories,

    • Select the Workspace in which the WebEx Meeting is stored. By default, the field is filled by the current Workspace,

    Add a WebEx Meeting - Modal form: Advanced

Click the Finish button. After the WebEx Meeting is created, you will be redirected to the page of the WebEx Meeting.

Detailed template of the WebEx Meeting

Update a WebEx Meeting

If you want to update the WebEx Meeting information, please click the edit icon at the upper right of the page of the meeting.

Edit a WebEx Meeting

A new modal opens, offering the same steps as for the WebEx Meeting creation.

Start a WebEx Meeting

To start a WebEx Meeting, you must be the meeting host.

If you want to start the WebEx Meeting, you must click the Start the meeting... button, and confirm.

A new page opens and the WebEx Meeting application sets up on your computer.

Warning : Please check that Java is enabled in your browser.

Setting up Meetings

After that, WebEx launches and your browser is redirected to the page WebEx Meeting in JCMS.

WebEx application
WebEx Meeting started

Join a WebEx Meeting

A member who is not the meeting host can join the meeting by going to the page of the meeting, and then clicking the Join the meeting... button and confirm.

Join a Meeting

WebEx recording file

It is possible to record a WebEx meeting. You will get a WRF file that you can then upload to JCMS.

After joining the meeting:

  • Go to the Meeting menu / Start Recording or click on the Recording button

    Start recording
  • Enter the WRF file name that will be the recorded meeting file.

    Start recording
  • Click the recording button in the command window for recording.

    Recording window

When you finish the meeting, the WRF file is finalized. You can then upload the WRF file to JCMS.

If you go to the page, you see the following message:
To watch the WebEx recording files, you must install the WebEx Player.

WebEx Recording File

The WebEx Player can be downloaded at the following url:

Members who have installed the WebEx Player can then download the WRF file and read it on their computer.

Show WebEx Meeting history

When you have completed the WebEx meeting, a meeting history will be created in WebEx.

Meeting history is generally not available until 24-48 hours.

When the the meeting history is not yet available, you have the following message:

WebEx Meeting completed, history not available

When the meeting history is available, you have a new button Show History and the following message:

WebEx Meeting completed and not expired, history avaiable


WebEx Meeting completed and expired, history available

To see the history, click the Show History button.

A new modal opens, in which there are the details of each session of the WebEx Meeting (start date, end date, number of participants ...).

Details of the WebEx Meeting Sessions history

Integration with the Calendar plugin

The Webex plugin integrates into portlets of Calendar plugin. You can create WebEx events directly in these portlets.




Add a WebEx event


1. What kind of WEBEX license is required to use the WebEx plugin?

The WebEx plugin is based on the WebEx meeting service APIs.

The meeting service APIs are only available for enterprise level accounts. The free, basic and premium accounts do not support the development program.

You must contact the WebEx sales team to upgrade your account.

2. Is it possible to test the WebEx plugin with a test account?

WebEx offers to create accounts to test the WebEx meeting creation.

For this, you must go to the following address:


It is explained that you first need to register on DevNet by going to the following address:


Once you have created your account, you must login to the site and return to the first address (... /try-webex-apis/).

A form appears on the bottom of the page as follows:

[[Upload / docs / image / jpeg / 2015-06 / ] [640x]]

You have some information required to configure the WebEx plugin:

  • Partner ID (PartnerId) g0webx!
  • Site ID: XXXXXX
  • Site Name: apidemoeu

Complete the form to create a test account. The WebEx ID and password you provided must then be entered in the configuration of WebEx plugin (WebEx ID, Password).

The test accounts allow you to use all the features of the plugin. By cons, meetings are limited to 20 minutes and can only invite 4 attendees.


  • 2.1
  • Stable
  • JCMS 9 SP1
Certified by Jalios
  • Yes
  • Paid Plugin
  • Jalios Support
  • Jalios SA
  • Jalios
  • 2.69 MB
  • 6/10/15
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Required Plugins
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