Web Page (Store) 24 outils pour mesurer et optimiser les temps de chargement de votre site web - Korben

Si vous souhaitez optimiser le chargement de vos sites, il faut avant tout que vous ayez un bon outil de mesure et d'analyse. Voici donc une petite liste de 24 outils ou services en ligne qui vous permettront de mieux comprendre comment se chargent les éléments de votre site et quels sont les points à …

Web Page (Store) Design Accessibly, See Differently: Color Contrast Tips And Tools | Smashing Magazine

Cathy O'Connor shares one aspect of design accessibility: making sure that the look and feel are sufficiently inclusive of differently sighted users.

Web Page (Store) Introducing the HTML5 “Menu” and “Menuitem” Elements - Tuts+ Web Design Tutorial

Today I'm going to introduce you to two elements: and , part of the Interactive Elements specification. The web has evolved into something more than just linked documents; pages behave increasingly these days like apps. As such, it's an appropriate time to form standard web interactivity features. | Difficulty: Beginner; Length: Short; Tags: HTML5, JavaScript, HTML

Web Page (Store) Dev.Opera — Responsive Images: Use Cases and Documented Code Snippets to Get You Started

Finally, true responsive images are becoming a reality on the web — in pure HTML, without convoluted hacks. The <picture> element and a couple of new attributes for the <img> element are behing a flag in Chromium 37 (so coming soon in Opera), in Firefox Nightly and are being implemented in WebKit (although it remains to be seen if Apple will ship it in the next version of Safari).

Web Page (Store) Deb.js: the Tiniest Debugger in the World - Tuts+ Code Tutorial

Using the proper tools and instruments will help you to debug your web apps painlessly, all from within the browser. Today, let's take a look at Deb.js, a library designed to help you do just that. | Difficulty: Beginner; Length: Medium; Tags: Web Development, JavaScript & AJAX, HTML/CSS, Debugging, Google Chrome

Web Page (Store) Server-Side Device Detection With JavaScript | Smashing Magazine

This article introduces WURFL.js that provides an easy-to-use, reliable and scalable alternative to traditional server-side device detection, all the while complementing other client-side techniques and tools.