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Employee Advocacy module


With the Employee Advocacy plugin, deploy Employee Advocacy in your Digital Workplace and transform your employees into ambassadors for your organization.

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When to use this module ?

You have an Employee Advocacy project to optimize your visibility, increase your notoriety and develop your employer brand and need to facilitate the distribution of your content on the web, this module allows you to offer your employees content, ready to distribute, to relay on their social networks. 

You want to measure the effectiveness of your Employee Advocacy strategy, this module provides you with statistics relating to ambassadors, content and shares.

What does this module offer ?

Employee Advocacy module allows Communication & Marketing teams to manage content intended to be relayed on the web:

  • Sharing content from your Digital Workplace, LinkedIn, Twitter, or a public website
  • Planning the availability date
  • Planning the expiration date
  • Generation of statistics relating to ambassadors, content and shares with rankings and histograms

The Employee Advocacy space is presented as a catalog and offers intuitive navigation to visualize at a glance the content to be shared or to search for one specifically:

  • Display of content available in portlet format with visual, title, author and indication of social network and number of shares
  • Available views: content to share, expired content, future content
  • Classification by theme and / or by social network
  • Search by name, author, dates
  • Possibility to add the Employee Advocacy portlet in your virtual office

Employees have functions to easily relay content while controlling their publications:

  • Selection of target social network
  • Identification window to the target social network
  • Possibility to modify the text of the content
  • Preview of the future post
  • Subscription with selection of alert frequency, social networks and desired alert level
  • Identification of posts already shared
  • Available on JMobile

What our customers like

Easier management of relayed content for our Communication and Marketing departments

With Employee Advocacy module, our relay content managers easily deal with the publications concerned as well as their life cycles. They integrate them into the Employee Advocacy space directly from our Digital Workplace or our social networks and schedule their availability and expiration dates.

The fast and controlled relay for our employee spokespersons

This module allows me to relay content in 3 clicks. It's quick and easy, while giving me the opportunity to edit and verify the post that will appear on my profile. I feel concerned and engaged in the content that I publish.

Statistics to support us in our Employee Advocacy approach

This module provides us with easily usable statistics. These key indicators tell us about a the levels of content sharing and engagement of our employees, which are essential information for adapting our Employee Advocacy strategy.

The module in action


1. Social network identification
2. Modification / validation of the text and preview of the future post
3. Subscribe and set up alerts
4. Statistics (Ambassadors, Content, Shares)


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