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GotoMeeting plugin


The GotoMeeting plugin is a JCall provider for GoToMeeting.

The plugin allows to create video conferences (GoToMeeting), and webinars (GoToWebinar) directly from your Digital Workplace.

It supports connections tracking (who has connected, when and for how long).


GoToMeeting plugin setup

For a member to be able to organize meetings from the Digital Workplace:

  1. the plugin must be set up by an administrator beforehand
  2. the member must sign in with its GoToMeeting account in its profile

1. Administrator settings

To set up the plugin, you need to:

At OAuth client creation, you will be asked to:

  • fill in the redirection URI: <jplatform_webapp_url>/plugins/GoToMeetingJCallPlugin/jsp/oauth/goToMeetingOAuthCallback.jsp
  • select the scope: GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, or GoToTraining

Once you have created the OAuth client, copy the client ID and client secret and enter them in the plugin properties:

  • OAuth client ID
  • OAuth client secret

Enabling the GoToWebinar service

If you have subscribed to GoToWebinar, you can enable this service in the plugin properties. When a user creates a meeting, GoToWebinar will appear in the list of available services.

mceclip3 - 2020-10-29 12h06m20s

2. Sign in to GoToMeeting

To use the GoToMeeting plugin, each user must have a GoToMeeting account and sign in with that account in their profile.

e.g. If you have installed the ESN plugin, go to your profile, modify it, and go to the Access tab

mceclip0 - 2020-10-15 17h20m08s

Declaring GoToMeeting or GoToWebinar as the Default Service

If you want the GoToMeeting (or GoToWebinar) service to be the default service to use, go to the JCall module properties, and in the Video Conferencing Service property, enter gotomeeting (or gotowebinar).



  • 1.0
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  • JPlatform 10 SP4
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  • 11/19/20
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Required Plugins
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