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Jitsi Plugin 1.1


Jitsi plugin is a JCall connector for Jitsi Meet, an Open Source video conferencing service.

The Jitsi plugin offers more functionality than using the generic service in the JCall:

  • the name and photo are automatically filled in when the user joins the videoconference
  • Connection tracking is done (who connected, when and for how long)


Jitsi module settings

The Jitsi module is pre-configured to work with the video conferencing service meet.jit.si. You don't have to make any settings if you want to use this service

If you want to use another Jitsi server you have to fill in the following properties:

  • Domain
  • URL Prefix

If this Jitsi server uses JWT authentication you must also fill in the following properties:

  • JWT - Audience
  • JWT - Issuer
  • JWT - Secret
  • JWT - Subject 

The "URL Suffix" property allows you to add parameters to the connection URL. Check out the Jitsi Documentation for possible settings.

Access control

Since version 1.1, the list of users that are allowed to trigger or schedule a Jitsi call can be restricted using an ACL.

mceclip1 - 2021-04-08 16h39m47s

Declaring the Jitsi plugin as the default service

If you want the Jitsi service to be the default service to use, go to the JCall plugin properties and in the Video conference service  property enter jitsi.


1. User's avatar does not appear in Jitsi

The module offers the possibility to display the avatar of the JPlatform user in Jitsi. This feature requires that the Jitsi server is allowed to access certain resources of the JPlatform server (CORS). Specifically, the URI of the JPlatform server must be added to the Access-Control-Allow-Originheader. Note that, as of now, this header is not filled in for the meet.jit.si domain.


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