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Horizon plugin 1.2.2


Save time on a daily basis thanks to Horizon, your corporate chat solution fully secured and integrated with the Digital Workplace!

When to use this plugin ?

Do you need a quick response, but don't want to disturb others? Less intrusive than a phone call, a chat message lets you contact a colleague in real time and get an instant response if he or she is available.

Tired of receiving and sending emails for details that could be handled more easily and quickly if everyone was in the same room? Horizon lets you bring people together in a virtual room to share information more efficiently.

Do your employees use public chat solutions for professional discussions? With Horizon, make your employees' daily lives easier and encourage the use of chat, without compromising on security or on your IT strategy.

What's new

With 1.2 release , Horizon offers you an even faster and richer experience. You can now :

  • Custom Sections (to allow the user to rearrange the view of conversations)
  • Publication card and CardBuilder (to present content in a conversation)
  • Delete conversation  1 to 1

Horizon has evolved technically to improve performance

  • cache management,
  • improvement of CPU usage, memory management.



What does this plugin do ?

Horizon provides your employees with all the instant messaging features they need to communicate with one or more colleagues at any time directly from their Digital Workplace

  • 1-to-1 or room conversations
  • Dedicated application accessible from the Digital Workplace
  • Continuity of use between all devices: PC, tablet or mobile
  • Notification of new messages, even when Horizon is not started
  • Fully secured solution on the corporate network
Thanks to its seamless integration with the Digital Workplace, users :
  • are directly authenticated to securely send and receive messages
  • can initiate conversations directly from profile cards or cards
  • have direct access to all collaborators (no need to have them as contact)
  • can receive alerts from the Digital Workplace in Horizon
  • can start voice / video calls with the company's video conferencing solution (JCall integration that supports many videoconferencing tools, includingt JitsiZoomBigBlueButton andGlowbl. ) 
Horizon allows for rich messages, promoting social interactions:
  • Reactions to messages (emoji) and list of people who reacted to messages
  • Quoting messsages
  • Sending files and images (copy & paste and drag & drop)
  • Videos with integrated player
  • Animated Gif
  • URL and tweet preview
  • Mention and auto-completion (message highlighted when the user is mentioned)
  • Edit and delete messages
  • Switch from one conversation to the next while keeping your input in progress
Horizon is also comfortable to use on a daily basis, in particular thanks to :
  • Room presence indicator (user focus)
  • Date of last member activity
  • Unread message indicator and counter
  • Dark mode (black background instead of white)
  • Custom status (emoji, text and duration) that can be saved
  • Global (Do Not Disturb) and Room-specific notification Rules
  • Personalization of the name and image for each room
  • Filter on room names
  • PWA (Progressive Web App) support for use as in a native or mobile application
  • Swipe mobile gestures to display conversations or chatroom members

Horizon is a sustainable solution that is consistent with your business strategy:

  • Application rights management (ACL)
  • Open access to guest members for your extended organization
  • Automatic deletion of messages (default setting 90 days)
  • Removal of deactivated or deleted members from rooms

What our customers like about it

Easy access to all employees and guests

Compared to a public mobile chat solution, Horizon is much more comfortable: I don't have to add the whole company to my contacts! Since Horizon is integrated with the Digital Workplace, I can easily find all my colleagues from the directory, but also thanks to auto-completion when I start a chat or a chat room with several people. With Horizon, I can also contact external people who have guest accounts.

Continuity of use between desktop and mobile

With Horizon, I can continue on my mobile conversations that I started on my PC and vice versa, whereas before I had 2 different tools, one on my PC at the office and aother one on my mobile. Horizon allows me to stay on top of the conversation when I'm on the move and to optimize my waiting time during the day, especially on public transport.

A secure solution that we keep control of

In terms of storage, we know that all messages that are sent or recevied remain on the company's network. This is particularly important with regards to the Cloud Act to which all other chat solutions from the United States are subject. We thus retain complete control over the storage and archiving time of the messages and related attachments. In addition, Horizon requires the same level of authentication as access to the Digital Workplace, which reinforces our security strategy.


1. Full page application view
2. Full page application view in dark mode
3. Mobile app - list of chatrooms
4. Mobile app - conversation view
5. Personnalized status
6. Do not disturb mode


Read Horizon plugin documentation.

Horizon Server Source


Horizon is compatible with the following browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Edge (chromium)
  • Firefox
  • Safari (without notifications)

Horizon is not compatible with IE11.

For JMobile, Horizon has been tested and validated with the following versions:

  • IOS: From version 13+
  • Android: All versions


To send notifications, the Horizon plugin uses  Google's Firebase Cloud Messaging service.

It is important to note that only the room identifier is sent (corresponding to a number), no information (last name, first name, content of the message, ...) is sent in this notification.


  • 1.2.2
  • Stable
  • JPlatform 10 SP3
    JPlatform 10 SP4
Certified by Jalios
  • Yes
  • Paid Plugin
  • Jalios Support
  • Jalios SA
  • Jalios
  • 2.84 MB
  • 4/2/21
  • 20