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Charter Agreement Plugin


Reassure your employees about their use of the Digital Workplace with a charter agreement !

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When to use this plugin?

Are your employees worried about the use of their personal data? Would you like to raise their awareness of the good use ot the Digital Workplace? With the agreement chart plugin, you can simply display and manage the terms of use of the platform and collect users' consent the first time they log on.

What does this plugin do?

This plugin gives a simple solution to set up and maintain a charter agreement :

  • When a member logs in for the first time, the charter is displayed and the member must then consent to it in order to continue on the site.
  • When the charter is updated, it is displayed again to renew the consent.
  • If the charter is not accepted, then access to the site is blocked.

This charter is displayed to identified, internal and invited members. It is not displayed on the site pages that don't require authentication.

It is also available on JMobile.

A dashboard lets the administrator track the charter consent status by member and by acceptance date, and export the data in CSV format.

What our customers like about it

Use of good web practices

It is important for us to follow good web practices towards our employees. Even internally, the respect of a charter of use is important,  whether it is for the processing of their personal data or the respect of the terms of use of the platform. The charter agreement is easy to update and thanks to the dashboard, we can follow up on employees for whom the charter may be a problem.

Better support for our employees

Thanks to the implementation of the charter consent, our employees are better aware of the proper use of the site, with respect for their personal data and respect for other users as well.


1. Display of the charter agreement
2. Charter agreement on mobile
3. Consent dashboard


Add the Charter Agreement plugin through the plugin manager and restart JPlatform.

You can configure the properties of the plugin as you wish:

1: Activation of the user charter (Yes: enabled, No: disabled). Default value No

2 : The publication attached to the user charter.

3: The field (Java name) of the publication attached to the user charter (ex: content, summary...).


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