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JCall Plugin 1.2


Make video conferences easy with JCall ! Start video calls directly where you need them in just a few clicks !

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When to use this module?

Do you want to set up a video conferencing solution that is easy for your employees to use? With JCall, you no longer need to juggle between video conferencing tools, the enterprise directory and your applications: they are all directly integrated into the Digital Workplace.

Your team can then start a video call directly from a member's profile card, or from a calendar event or from a project: the video conferencing tool opens and the right participants are automatically invited.

Not satisfied with your video conferencing tool? With JCall, you can easily switch providers and test other tools, without impacting  your end users. You can even choose to make several of them available to your users and let them choose the one that best suits their needs.

What does this module do?

JCall integrates video conferencing tools into the Digital Workplace in order to make their daily use more fluid and convenient by linking them to the context in which they are used.
Users can start a video conference :
  • from a member's profile page or profile card (ttcard): a single click starts the video conference directly with the right person
  • from a calendar event: the video conference is activated with the chosen video service and participants can join the virtual meeting
  • of a JTask project: project members are then proposed by default as participants in the video conference. The user can add / remove participants before starting the call with one click.
  • from the application launcher: the user easily invites people to participate in the videoconference thanks to autocompletion
  • from a JLearn session: the organizer then creates an associated virtual class thanks to the integrated videoconferencing tool
  • from Horizon, Jalios' secured corporate chat solution: all participants in the chatroom can join the videoconference  
People invited to an immediate video conference are automatically notified in their alert center, and can join the conference directly by clicking on the link provided in the alert.
JCall is also available on mobile in the JMobile application when displaying an event and on a member's profile page.
As standard, JCall supports many video conferencing tools, including Jitsi, Zoom and BigBlueButton and Glowbl. Others such as Teams, GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar are in the process of being integrated.
It is also possible to develop specific connectors for other video conferencing tools that allow this type of integration.

What our customers like about it

Optimized integration for my daily use

With JCall, I no longer need to start my video conferencing tool by hand to use it, is it done directly in the Digtial Workplace. If I want to contact a particular person, I simply find them using the quick search, and start a call from their profile card. And when I want to organize a video conference with several people, I easily find all the participants to invite among the members and contacts of the Digital Workplace, I don't need to do any copy/paste. In fact, all I have to do is organize a meeting the way I usually do and activate the video conferencing tool I need in the event!

The choice of video conferencing tools

The market for video conferencing tools is evolving rapidly and there are many of them to choose from, offering different performance, interaction and security levels. Some are free of charge, some are not. With JCall, our organization retains control of these tools and we can define a global strategy that takes into account security and budget requirements while meeting the needs of our users. We can consider changing video conferencing tools if necessary, without fear of impacting end users, or even defining which tools to use depending on each usage. We can also integrate our own video conferencing tools by developing the associated connectors.


1. 1 to 1 video call
2. Adding video call to a calendar event
3. Video call with a project team
4. Starting a video call from the app launcher
5. Virtual class
6. Video call notification
7. Video call on JMobile


Setting up a videoconferencing service

Add-on plugins to JCall offer connection with video conferencing services :

Follow the documentation of these plugins to configure them.

Setting up the generic service

JCall provides a generic connector that can be used with multiple video conferencing services. It is compatible with services that allow you to start a videoconference with a URL prefix to which a room identifier is concatenated.

This connector is configured by default on JCall and is set up to use the free videoconferencing service meet.jit.si.

The configuration is done in the module properties

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Here is a non-exhaustive list of video conferencing services compatible with the generic JCall connector we tested:

Service URL prefix URL suffix
meet.jit.si https://meet.jit.si/ #config.requireDisplayName=true
8x8 https://8x8.vc/  
talky.io https://talky.io/  
Sylaps https://sylaps.com/room/  
GoTalk https://gotalk.to/  
team.video https://team.video/  
Linagora https://avec.linagora.com/conf/  
DryCat https://meet.drycat.fr/ #config.requireDisplayName=true
French Data Network https://talk.fdn.fr/ #config.requireDisplayName=true
Framatalk https://framatalk.org/ #config.requireDisplayName=true


There are many instances of Jitsi that you can use with the generic connector :

In any case, respect the terms of use of these different services.


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