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JMobile Plugin 4.5.1


Reinforce your digital strategy with your own Digital Workplace mobile app ! With JMobile, your entire Digital Workplace is at your fingertips everywhere and by everyone.

When to use this plugin?

Do your employees travel often? Perhaps do they only have access to a computer every now and then? To these field or nomadic employees, whose only link to the organization is possible with a mobile phone, but also to all your employees, who increasingly use their mobile phone rather than their computer to "do everything" in their daily life, give them a mobile-first employee experience!  For which benefits? A higher level of engagement, time savings and a much more open and dynamic employer brand!
JMobile allows you to fully customize your Digital Workplace for mobile, and to address the uses of communicationcollaboration and efficiency gain.
Do you want this mobile access to be in line with the Digital Workplace, which is at the heart of your organisation's digital transformation strategy ?  Then make sure this mobile app carries the same name, logo and colours ! JMobile allows you to publish your own mobile application and distribute it on your internal app stores

What's new

- Ensure compatibility with the Waffle plugin.
- Distributor of iOS code for rebranded mobile applications.

What does this plugin do?

JMobile is the complete and personalized mobile solution for the Jalios Digital Workplace. From the communication portal to the essential collaboration functionalities, from the company's directory to task management, from transversal search to the application launcher, with JMobile, your collaborators find everything they need to work alone but also together efficiently, when they are on the go.
With a great capacity for personalization, JMobile gives access to all the useful uses of the Digital Workplace in mobility .
JMobile is both a plugin that provides an optimized display on mobile browsers and a mobile application to be installed, distributed on public app stores. The app can also be customized and distributed on private enterprise app stores. For more details on the JMobile application, check the related app stores :

A high level of customization 

JMobile's customization features aim to help users to take ownership of the mobile environment, facilitating access but also avoiding information overload and limiting access to features and applications that are supported and relevant in mobility.
  • Personalized portal composition on mobile by simple drag and drop
  • Use of mobile display templates, for better visualization than with native standard responsive sites
  • Parameterization of services and applications accessible in mobility
  • Customization of the logo and color in the topbar
  • Personalization of the loading page
  • Customization the application's name and icon

Internal commmunication

For internal communication, JMobile reinforces both top down communication and bottom up news, especially with the following features :
  • Highlighting of corporate information on the home portal, using custom and user profiled mobile portal composition
  • Highlighting of flash news following the defined distribution strategy (targeting, marked as read, etc.)
  • Access to publications through the dynamic and customizable company magazine (JNews)
  • Socializing features ( likesrecommendations) that are immediately accessible at the bottom of each publication but also in the activity flow
  • Comments with mentions also available in every rich text field
  • Sharing of photos directly from the mobile phone camera


For collaboration purposes, JMobile enables users to take full advantage of the Jalios collaborative applications that are available in mobility, either from the apps launcher or contextualized within collaborative spaces (project space, business community, etc.).
  • Access to favourite collaborative spaces directly from the "Navigate" tab, which is available from all pages thanks to the "burger" on the left
  • The space hub to search for a collaborative space
  • The applications activated in mobility for a given collaborative space:
    • Project and task management (JTask)
    • Conversation spaces (forums, idea box, collaborative FAQ)
    • Document explorer
    • The enterprise directory, the search for collaborators, access to their profile page and getting in touch with them using all channels available (phone, sms, skype, Teams, etc.)
    • The collaborative watch (JMag)

Efficiency gains

Efficiency gains with JMobile are mainly achieved by giving quick access to personal and relevant information and applications to the user, and by leveraging mobile phone capabilities :
  • The personal and personalized application launcher
  • The alert center and its "live"notifications (automatic updates)
  • Access to "My day" and its day-by-day navigation to view events and tasks
  • Access to "Navigate" to browse mobile portals and favorite collaborative spaces
  • Access to my browsing history 
  • Transversal search on both members and publications
  • Adding members to the phone contacts
  • Direct access to the camera to share and publish
  • User's personal reading list ( JReading)
  • Access to users's bookmarks

And much more

JMobile also gives access to a large number of Jalios applications, that are also designed for mobile use:

What our customers say

A single mobile app

On my mobile, this app becomes my single point of entry. When I open it, I have immediate access to corporate news, but also to my agenda and my tasks. And above all, I only have access to what is essential and relevant, which allows me to go faster.

A brand new approach to boost internal communication

With mobile portals that are personalised according to profiles/jobs, we can deploy a more targeted communication strategy among employees. The home page displays only the information that is relevant to them, which limits information overload and above all preserves the interest and commitment of our people.

A branded app that is available on the company's app store

With JMobile, we can distribute our branded app internally . On their smartphone, it is the icon and name of the Intranet that is displayed, not Jalios or JPlatform. This reinforces our internal communication strategy to federate our people. It also reinforces our digital transformation strategy around the Digital Workplace.


1. Home page, flash info and caroussel
2. Activity feed
3. My day view, with events and tasks
4. Application launcher
5. Enriched profil page
6. Navigating collaborative space
7. A document explorer
8. A blog and blog post
9. Managing tasks with JTask
10. Capitalizing in conversations.
11. Instant and transversal search results
12. My agenda
13. Collaborative curating with JMag



  • Install the plugin via the module manager
  • Restart the site
  • Open the root page of your website with your mobile (disconnect if necessary, so that the mobile is recognized)
  • The root page of the module can be accessed on this url: "plugins/SmartPhonePlugin/jsp/"


operating systems and browsers The following systems and browsers are supported:

  • iOS 9 and later, Safari
  • Android 4.4 and later, Chrome Browser and Default Browser

Migration notes to 4.2

JPlaform 10 SP4 offers a display of photos in initials. If you wish to use it, you will have to copy the following properties in your custom.prop if you wish to benefit from it (provided that you use JPlatform 10 SP4)

# ------------------------------------------------------------
#  Member photo initials (Only works with 10 SP4 / JCMS-6025) 
# ------------------------------------------------------------
channel.less.plugins/SmartPhonePlugin/css/components/smartphone-member-photo-initials.css: plugins/SmartPhonePlugin/css/components/smartphone-member-photo-initials.less
jcmsplugin.smartphone.css.012: plugins/SmartPhonePlugin/css/components/smartphone-member-photo-initials.css
jcms.resource.include.memberphoto-phone: plugins/SmartPhonePlugin/jsp/common/memberPhotoTemplateInitials.jsp

Migration notes to 4.0



  • changes The module only works from JPlatform 10 SP3
  • The homepage that previously displayed an application launcher is replaced by a portal-type homepage (SmartPhonePortal)
    • At the first installation, the portal contains only a wysiwyg greeting. It is therefore necessary to personalize the portal.
    • This portal can be modified via the mobile portal management application, and uses the JPortal concepts on JPlatform
    • . It is possible to define several portals, and to use the functionalities of dividing users into departments so that a user is redirected to a portal dedicated to his department
  • . The application launcher is now the same as the one on the JPlatform desktop. The user finds the applications he has added to his launcher 
    • Only appear in the mobile launcher 
      • Applications with a JMobile 
      • url Applications pointing to an external
    • link It is possible to add applications in the first user tab only on JMobile by following the "Additional applications" documentation
      • These additional applications can be hidden by setting the following property to false: jcmsplugin.smartphone.load-service-mapping
      • The eligible applications at the moment are 
        • Directory (Directory module)
        • Conversations (Conversation spaces module)
        • Activities (ESN module)
        • History (Core)
        • Workflow (Core)
  • It is no longer possible to declare a PQF as a service via portlet subscriptions, everything is now done via the portal editor, or via the declaration of portlets in a collaborative space


SmartPhoneCard components: replaced by standard JPlatform cards with a dedicated JMobile template 

<jalios:cardData data="<%= publication %>" template="jmobile-detailed" css="has-rounded-corners"/>


SmartPhoneListItem : replaced by the standard JPlatform list items, with a dedicated JMobile template

<jalios:dataListItem data="<%= itPub %>" template="jmobile" />

More info in the component section in developer documentation.

Modules adapted for this version

Older modules will not be fully compatible with this version of JMobile.

The following module versions (which were released with JMobile version 4.0) must therefore be used 

Administrator documentation

Portal management

The mobile portal management application allows you to organize your portals and create new ones.

A navigation root is defined after installing the JMobile Module. The portlets defined in this navigation will be found in the navigation tab of the member side panel on JMobile : 


The design is done in a dedicated interface, where you can add any portlet that benefits from a JMobile template 

mceclip1 - 2020-02-07 14h46m45s


Changes made on the portal are not visible to users until the portal has been published. 

You can revert to an older version, using the portal history 

mceclip2 - 2020-02-07 14h48m47s



Portal It is possible to define a different default portal depending on the user's department. This is done in the "JMobile Portals" application 

mceclip2 - 2020-02-07 12h55m06s

Customizing the application

By accessing the "JMobile Portals" application, it is possible to set the style of the application 

mceclip1 - 2020-02-07 12h53m36s

These actions are only available to the central administrator of the platform.



space portals Collaborative space portals are divided into two areas.

The application area

mceclip0 - 2020-02-07 12h40m15s



Portal module


The default portal to which the user is redirected when accessing the application.

Default page size


Number of items to display per page. This is the maximum number of items initially displayed on loading, as well as the maximum number of items added when clicking on "View More" Maximum

width of trimmed


images When publishing images through microblogging, the images are resized by the browser before sending if possible, otherwise by the server. This parameter determines the maximum width of the published image.

Types to include in search results


List of types offered to the user in the Search service, separated by a space. If the user chooses to search All Types, all types in this list will be searched.

This property may be empty. In this case, all types are listed.

Search Service - Portlet (Since version 2.1)


Allows you to define the portlet that will be used to set up the SmartPhone module search. This will allow you to define the search in files or other criteria



You can find developer documentation here: https://docs.jalios.com/jplatform10/jcms/fr/modules/jmobile-c_6349


4. How to use targets?

Targets can be used the same way as in Jalios Core Dev. Just declare them in plugin.xml

Example for comments:

<file path="jsp/service/dbcomment/doDBCommentFooter.jsp" include="SMARTPHONE_PUB_FOOTER" /> 
6. How to disable redirection to Smartphone version of the site?

Empty the following properties:



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