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BlueMind plugin


Save time by finding and dealing more efficiently with your BlueMind emails and calendar in your Digital Workplace with the BlueMind plugin.


When to use this plugin?

Do you use the BlueMind email service and would like to save time dealing with your emails and your agenda? The BlueMind plugin allows you to integrate them into your Jalios Digital Workplace and make a more practical, collaborative and capitalized use of them.

What does this plugin do?

The Bluemind plugin is a provider plugin for the JMail and JCalendar plugins. It therefore enables all the functionalities of these JServices that are supported by BlueMind, including : 

For JMail :

  • Display of emails in the topbar
  • Being notified of new emails
  • Importing emails and attachments
  • Marking as read/unreadto follow / no longer follow
  • Marking as Spam / not Spam
  • Archive / unarchive an email
  • Create a task from an email

For JCalendar :

  • Display the user's calendar
  • Create,  view, update events
  • Move events with simple drag and drop
  • Display events of other collaborators or of a group of collaborators
  • Create a task from an event
  • Create and associate a group calendar to a collaborative space
For any other functionality or for a more specific use, the user can easily open his email client.
Please note that BlueMind provides automatic archiving, the JMail archiving action is therefore not supported by this plugin.
BlueMind's multi-domain / multi-tenant feature allowing several isolated mail services, is also supported by this plugin, offering end users the same experience whatever their domain.

What our customers like about it

Better email management

With the Digital Workplace, the number of emails has been considerably reduced: they are now limited to exchanges with external parties, whether customers or suppliers. I therefore spend more time in the Digital Workplace than on my email client, and since I have direct access to my emails from the Digital Workplace, I no longer need to constantly check my email client. I am notified when I receive a new email and I can process it quickly. I can also create a task for myself so I don't forget to reply to someone. My email client is now only used for really productive tasks to write and reply to important emails.

Augmented events

With this plugin, my emails and calendar events are enriched with information and interactions coming from the Digital Workplace. It's not just about being able to view them: I can comment on an email or an event, recommend it, associate it with a task or documents.

By exchanging with my colleagues directly in the Digital Workplace, the information is more fluid and above all capitalized, even if it initially comes from an email or a calendar event. I have access to emails and events that are "augmented" with all the faatures of my Digital Workplace, and it helps me with my work on a daily basis.


1. Viewing email from the topbar
2. "My day" view
3. My agenda - full page view


1. Installation


2. Prerequisites

This plugin requires:

  • a running BlueMind server. The plugin has been validated with version4.1
  • JServices 1.1 (or +), JMail 1.0 (or +) and JCalendar 1.2 (or +) plugins

3. Minimal configuration

3.1 Configuring the BlueMind server

  • On the domain we want to access to, create a service account with the following roles (see Roles, Access and Administration Rights):
    • Manage users
    • Sudo (privilege elevation)
    • Managing resources
    • Manage resource types
    • Manage organizational units
  • In the user settings for this account, create an api key (see User Settings)

3.2 Configuring the JPlatform server

  • In the BlueMind plugin properties, enter :
    • the URL of the BlueMind server (no trailing /)
    • the service account identifier (in login@domain format)
    • the API key

mceclip0 - 2020-01-29 17h21m36s

  • In the administration console, for each member :
    • select the BlueMind messaging service provider
    • if the member email does not match its BlueMind identifier, fill it in the form BlueMind identifier...

mceclip1 - 2020-01-29 17h24m02s

mceclip2 - 2020-01-29 17h24m42s

4. Advanced configuration

4.1 Multi-domain configuration

For multi-domain (a.k.a. multi-tenants) configurations (cf. Multi-domain messaging), you need to configure as many provider as there are domains.

So, for each domain:

  • on the BlueMind server, create a service account and an api key
  • on the JPlatform server,  in the custom.prop file, add the properties below (replace provider_id with some unique identier):

jcmsplugin.jmail.provider.<provider_id>.class: com.jalios.jcmsplugin.bluemind.BlueMindJMailProvider
jcmsplugin.jmail.provider.<provider_id>.service-account: account service associated to the domain
jcmsplugin.jmail.provider.<provider_id>.api-key: API key associated to the account service
jcmsplugin.jmail.provider.<provider_id>.label: provider label (displayed in configuration screens)

jcmsplugin.jcalendar.provider.<provider_id>.class: com.jalios.jcmsplugin.bluemind.BlueMindJCalendarProvider
jcmsplugin.jcalendar.provider.<provider_id>.service-account: account service associated to the domain
: API key associated to the account service
: provider label (displayed in configuration screens)

4.2 For further information...

For further information (e.g. how to set up a default provider), please refer to the documentation of JMail and JCalendar.


  • 1.0
  • Stable
  • JPlatform 10 SP4
Certified by Jalios
  • Yes
  • Paid Plugin
  • Jalios Support
  • Jalios SA
  • Jalios
  • 12.71 MB
  • 9/8/20
  • 7
Required Plugins
v 1.0
v 1.2
v 1.1