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OnlyOffice Plugin 1.2


Co-edit online on all your documents directly from your Digital Workplace with the OnlyOffice office suite !


When to use this plugin ?

Is your company using the office OnlyOffice suite? Whether with the community version (free up to 20 users) or enterpriseversion (paid license), on-premise self-hosted or cloud-hosted, the OnlyOffice plugin from Jalios allows you to use this complete office suite to edit and especially co-edit your documents online.

What are the features ?

With the OnlyOffice plugin, your office documents on JPlatform have a co-editing button that opens the OnlyOffice interface and allows you to :

  • Online co-editing with other members, guests or external users
  • Support for  text (doc), spreadsheet (xls) and presentation (ppt) formats 
  • Invitation to co-edit
  • Full screen mode
  • Major / minor versions
  • OnlyOffice user rights management
  • MS Office compatibility

This plugin also provides a service that can convert your JPlatform documents with the OnlyOffice conversion engine, in conjunction with the PDF converter plugin.

What our customers like about this plugin

The ease of use

With Jalios' prieviewing feature, I can already easily check that I have the right document on screen. The OnlyOffice co-editing button is easy to access and I can stay within my digital workplace to start working on the document with my colleagues. OnlyOffice is perfectly integrated into my Digital Workplace.

The choice of the office suite

Today, we use OnlyOffice in my company, because we find the pricing is right and we appreciate the interface and features of the OnlyOffice suite. Previously, we used Microsoft Office Online and when we changed, we didn't have to change any of my work habits within my digital workplace : it is just as efficient to edit and collaborate on documents regardless of the office suite chosen.


1. Easy access to co-editing with OnlyOffice
2. Co-editing a word document (doc)
3. Co-editing a spreadsheet document (xls)
4. Co-editing a presentation document (ppt)


1. Prerequisite

For an overview of OnlyOffice integration, please refer to this documentation: https://api.onlyoffice.com/editors/howitworks

  • The plugin requires the Document Server component. It has been validated with versions 5.56.0 and 6.2 of this component.
  • The JPlatform server must be accessible from the OnlyOffice server and vice versa. The OnlyOffice server accesses documents hosted by the JPlatform server through AuthKeys provided by the plugin.
  • OnlyOffice is based on the WebSocket protocol. If a websocket connection cannot be opened, there OnlyOffice fallbacks to https (long pooling). Check that the network equipment authorises this protocol for the user's browers.
  • The module integrates the OnlyOffice document editor, generated via the Document Server javascript API, in an iframe. It is therefore necessary to ensure that the integration of resources from the OnlyOffice server (CSPCORS, ...) are authorised in the users' browsers.

2. Minimum configuration

In the configuration of the OnlyOffice plugin, enter:

  • the URL of OnlyOffice Document Server (property jcmsplugin.onlyoffice.document-server-url). This URL must be accessible from JPlatform and from users' browsers.

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  • the URL of JPlatform (property jcmsplugin.onlyoffice.document-storage-url). This URL must be accessible from the OnlyOffice server.

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3. Advanced configuration

3.1 Internal URL of the OnlyOffice server

When editing a document, the OnlyOffice server is accessed in two ways:

  • from user's browser: when opening the OnlyOffice editor
  • from the JPlatform server: when saving a document, and when converting a document to PDF with OnlyOffice (see Conversion Service section)

In some configurations, for performance reasons, it may be interesting to be able to separate these two access ways. For example, if the JPlatform and OnlyOffice servers are on the same local network, the JPlatform server could directly access the OnlyOffice server via its IP address and an HTTP port and thus avoid unnecessary steps (no intermediate servers, no DNS resolution, no SSL certificate validation, etc.).

Since version 1.1, the URL to access the OnlyOffice server from the JPlatform server can be set in property jcmsplugin.onlyoffice.document-server-url.internal.

3.2 JWT Authentication

Document Server co-editing API can be protected by a JWT authentication mechanism. To activate this mechanism:

  • Edit the configuration file of Document Server /etc/onlyoffice/documentserver/local.json .
    • Enable property services.CoAuthoring.token.enable.browser, services.CoAuthoring.enable.request.inbox
    • Fill in the secret key in property services.CoAuthoring.secret.inbox.string
"services": {
"CoAuthoring": {
"token": {
"enable": {
"request": {
"inbox": true
"browser": true
"secret": {
"inbox": {
"string": "secretkey"
  • In OnlyOffice plugin configuration, fill in the secret key.

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3.3 Co-edition rights

3.3.1 Members

By default, all members with the right to modify a document can co-edit it with OnlyOffice.

This list can be restricted with an ACL. To do this, in the JPlatform configuration, create an ACL, include the OnlyOffice Edition resource in it, and associate it with the group of members to which you want to allow co-editing. 

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3.3.2 Inviting External Users

The module offers the possibility to invite external users (contacts, e-mail) to co-edit a document. This feature can be disabled in the module configuration.

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3.4 Supported file formats

The list of file formats supported by the plugin is defined in property jcmsplugin.onlyoffice.supported-file-extensions.

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This list can be redefined to fit your needs (example: propose OnlyOffice edition only for MS Office documents : docx, xlsx, pptx).

The full list of file formats supported by OnlyOffice is described here : https://helpcenter.onlyoffice.com/ONLYOFFICE-Editors/index.aspx

3.5 DocumentEditorPolicyFilter

Since JPlatform 10 SP3, it is possible to filter the list of document editors, including OnlyOffice editor, thanks to interfaceDocumentEditorPolicyFilter

This PolicyFilter shows the collabora editor only for DBFileDocument
public class OnlyOfficeEditorPolicyFilter extends AbstractDocumentEditorPolicyFilter {

  public List<DocumentEditor> filterEditorList(List<DocumentEditor> editorList, FileDocument doc, Member mbr) {

    if (doc instanceof DBFileDocument) {
      return editorList;

    return editorList.stream()
        .filter(editor -> !(editor instanceof OnlyOfficeDocumentEditor))

3.6 Auto-saving

In OnlyOffice, a document co-editing session is closed as soon as all users have left the document editing page (closing the window, navigating to another page). In this case, by default, the plugin automatically saves the document in JPlatform. You can disable this feature in the plugin properties. In this case, document will be saved only upon save button pressing. Please note however that in case of accidental disconnection of all users (e.g. network issues), all modifications will be lost without any possibility of rollback.

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3.7 Conversion service

OnlyOffice offers a conversion API. OnlyOffice plugin exposes a service to exploit this API. This service can be exploited by the PDF conversion plugin since version 5.6. To do this you need:

  • To install and configure the PDF conversion plugin
  • In the PDF conversion plugin configuration, set the onlyoffice in the property Conversion service key

mceclip6 - 2020-03-04 12h00m44s

For more details, please refer to the PDF conversion plugin documentation.

3.8 References


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