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JCalendar Plugin


With the JCalendar module, you can quickly view your calendar and add events from JPlatform.

The calendar is directly connected with your email (Office 365, Exchange or G Suite). Your agenda on JPlatform and Outlook (desktop, web and mobile) or GMail are therefore always synchronized.

Your agenda is accessible in the "My day" view of the sidebar which opens by clicking on your photo.

You can also find it from the JCalendar portlet (with views by day/week/month). You can filter events and display your colleagues' calendars.

This portlet offers a modernized and responsive view. You can create events directly from the portlet, you can also move events by a simple drag and drop.

When you click on an event it is displayed in JPlatform with an enhanced view. The location is presented on a map ( JMaps module ). You can socialize it like any JPlatform content: add comments, recommend it, add a task, read later,... Similarly, if attachments are associated with this event, you can view, co-edit and edit them in JPlatform.

If you use Office 365 or G Suite, in addition to personal calendars, you can manage team calendars and attach the JCalendar portlet to a collaborative space. The created events are stored in a dedicated calendar associated with the JPlatform collaborative space.

The management of calendars and space calendars is supported by the JCalendar module (which provides the interface) and the and by one of the modules for connecting to your email ( Office 365 , Exchange, G Suite)

Discover all these features in this short video :



Pour fonctionner, le module JCalendar nécessite un module connecteur de messagerie.

Installer le module JCalendar. 

Installer le module connecteur de messagerie souhaitée en se reportant à sa documentation d'installation.

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3. How to migrate to version 6.3 ?

Process :

  • read CSP-353
  • download the .sql file for your DataBase (MySQL, Oracle, or Derby)
  • follow description in FIX field in CSP-353 issue
    • dont forget to note and restore the setup of 2 guest form types in the requests storage workspace

This process will alter existing tables for guest accounts, in order to prevent database index naming conflicts.


  • 1.0
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  • JPlatform 10 SP2
    JPlatform 10 SP3
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  • 7/12/19
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