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JCalendar Plugin


Have a direct access to your agenda from your Digital Workplace and save time organizing your meetings with the collaborativesocial and productivity features of JPlatform!


When to use this plugin?

Your calendar is managed in your mailbox (Exchange, Office 365, G Suite, Zimbra), but you want to make the most of your Digital Workplace environment to organize it on a daily basis?

With JCalendar you can create and view events, but also enrich them with documents, comments, a geolocation map, profile photos of participants, etc. all bits of information and interaction that are made available within your Digital Workplace

What does this plugin do?

The JCalendar plugin integrates the calendar that comes with your messaging system within the Jalios Digital Workplace.

The user's calendar is then accessible at any time in the Digital Workplace from the personal sidebar that opens when the user clicks on their profile picture. The user can thus view the events of "My day" and can navigate from one day to the next. It also has a full-page calendar view, giving access to the following features :

  • select a view by day, week (5d), week (7d), month, schedule
  • display the events of certain people or a group of people

The display of events and calendars are also enriched with data by leveraging multiple services available on the platform :

  • the profile picture of participants that are known to the platform as well as their TTcard when hovering over their picture
  • the map of the event location thanks to JMaps and one of its geolocation provider plugin
  • the attached documents accessible and shared on the Digital Workplace
  • the comments and mentions attached to this event
  • task that is created from this event

When available in the messaging system, hte plugin also gives the possiblity associate a group calendar to a collaborative space : the events are then displayed in the calendar of the collaborative space, as well as the calendar of the participating members.

Learn more about the available providers :

What our customers like about it

My enhanced calendar always only one click away

I can check my schedule at any time without leaving my Digital Workplace. Moreover, in my Digital Workplace, my calendar displays more information than in my messaging system: I have access to attached documents, a map showing the location, profile photos of the participants, etc.

Comments are an effective way to exchange with meeting participants without having to send emails. Using votes, participants can quickly acknowledge that they've aware of an event latest changes.

A unifying system despite the use of different messaging solutions

The JCalendar plugin is based on the Jalios JServices architecture and therefore is compatible with several email providers (Office 365Exchange, G Suite, , Zimbra CS, etc.).

I can therefore easily offer the same Digital Workplace and user experience to members of entities that recently joined the group, especially after a group acquisition, even if they have a different messaging system.


1. My day view
2. Calendar view
3. Detailed view of an enriched event
4. Members
5. Services
6. Analytics


Pour fonctionner, le module JCalendar nécessite un module connecteur de messagerie.

Installer le module JCalendar. 

Installer le module connecteur de messagerie souhaitée en se reportant à sa documentation d'installation.

Voir :


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3. How to migrate to version 6.3 ?

Process :

  • read CSP-353
  • download the .sql file for your DataBase (MySQL, Oracle, or Derby)
  • follow description in FIX field in CSP-353 issue
    • dont forget to note and restore the setup of 2 guest form types in the requests storage workspace

This process will alter existing tables for guest accounts, in order to prevent database index naming conflicts.


  • 1.1
  • Stable
  • JPlatform 10 SP2
    JPlatform 10 SP3
Certified by Jalios
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  • Jalios SA
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  • 2/6/20
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Required Plugins
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