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JCalendar Plugin 1.2.1


Save time and collaborate more efficiently by integrating your calendar directly into your Digital Workplace!


When to use this plugin?

Your calendar is already managed in your corporate messaging solution (Exchange, Office 365, G Suite, Zimbra), but you want to take advantage of your Digital Workplace environment to organize it on a daily basis.

With JCalendar you can createview and modify your events, but also enrich them with documents, resources, comments, a geolocation map, profile photos of participants, etc. all the information available within your Digital Workplace.

What's new?

With version 2.1 of JCalendar, you can now edit events directly from the Jalios Digital Workplace, create recurring events and associate Digital Workplace resources (meeting room, equipment, etc.) with your events.

What does this plugin do?

The JCalendar module enables the messaging calendar to be integrated into the Jalios Digital Workplace. The calendar is directly connected with your e-mail system (e.g. Office 365, Exchange or G Suite). Your calendar on JPlatform and on Outlook (desktop, web and mobile) or GMail are therefore always synchronized, without duplication.

The user's calendar is then accessible at any time in the Digital Workplace from the personal side panel that opens when the user clicks on their profile picture. This allows the user to view the events of "My Day" and to navigate from one day to the next.

The user also has a full page calendar view, with the ability to:

  • create a one-time or recurring event 
  • plan an event to offer multiple slots 
  • choose a view by day, week (5d), week (7d) or month
  • visualize the events of certain people or group of people
  • create a task from the event

The event and calendar views are also enriched with data provided by the Digital Workplace:

  • the profile photo of participants known to the platform as well as their TTcard which is displayed when their photo is hovered over
  • the map of the event location thanks to theJMaps plugin and one of its geolocation provider plugin
  • the attached documents accessible and shared on the Digital Workplace
  • the comments with mention attached to the event
  • the Digital Workplace resources that can be booked (meeting room, equipment, etc.).

When the messaging system supports it, it is also possible to create and associate a group calendar to a collaborative space: the calendar events are then displayed in the calendar of the collaborative space, as well as the calendar of the participating members.

To know more about the available providers plugins for JCalendar:

What our customers like about it

My enriched agenda at a glance and at any time

I can check my schedule at any time without leaving my Digital Workplace. In addition, in my Digital Workplace, my calendar displays more information than in my email: I have access to attached documents, a map showing the location, profile photos of participants, etc. Comments allow me to interact with meeting participants without having to send them emails. With the votes, I have an idea of the people who are aware of the event or related exchanges.

A natural transition from email to the Digital Workplace

With JCalendar and JMail, the calendar and messaging systems are integrated into the daily life of users, which allows our employees to keep their marks with these tools, while inviting them to use the possibilities of the Digital Workplace for a more effective and capitalized collaboration over time: events, and all related exchanges, can be shared a posteriori to people who were not initially invited.


1. Today view
2. Calendar full page view
3. Enriched and detailed event


The JCalendar module requires a messaging connector module to work.

Install the JCalendar module

Install the desired mail connector module by referring to its installation documentation.

For example:


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