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VacationRequest Plugin 2.0


The VacationRequest plugin allows you to:

  • Make a vacation request.
  • Track your requests.
  • Validate requests.

Vacation requests follow a workflow with two levels of validation:    

  • A validation by the manager.
  • An administrative validation.

Once your vacation request validated, an event is automatically added to your calendar.

This plugin requiers JPlatform10 SP1.



Install VacationRequest Plugin and restart JCMS.

Add a vacation request

To add a vacation request, go to Add menu > Events > A vacation request:


You can also open the form:

  • since the portlet vacation request.
  • from your esn profile page in the vacation request tab.

In the form, you must indicate : 

  • The type of vacation.
  • The first day off.
  • The last day off.
  • The number of days laid.

Finally, you can specify additional information for validators:



Track your vacation requests:

You can track your vacation requests in two ways:

  1. On your profile page, in the "vacation" tab.
  2. By portlet VacationRequest. This portlet can be added to your personalized desktop.

By clicking on a vacation request, you access the details of treatment:

  • The current status of the request.
  • The validator for the current status.
  • The detailed history of the request.


You are alerted to each new validation:



Once the request is accepted by the administrative validator, a calendar event is added to your calendar. You will receive it by email.


In addition, a link to this event is on the vacation request: 


Validate a vacation request:

If you are a manager of a group, you will receive vacation request to validate. 

If FlowChart plugin is installed, the manager of a person is determinated by the chart.

For each request, the manager receives an alert:


When the request is accepted or rejected (by the Administrative validator), the manager receives a final warning to inform:


If you are validator, you can validate of reject a vacation request:


How to cancel a vacation request

You can cancel your own vacation requests provided they are not validated:


All validators from previous states wil receive an alert.



This plugin is ready for use. It delivers and installs all components needed for its operation (type, workflow, groups, roles, ...)

However, this module has been designedto be adaptable to be adaptable for different customer cases.


A default workflow is provided with two levels of validation: 

  • hierarchical validation
  • administrative validation


This workflow can be replaced with your own workflow. For example, to add additional validation steps.


Determination of hierarchical validator:

By default, the validator is set hierarchical role in OPEN optional.

The hierarchical validator is selected from the group "Leave Request - hierarchical validators."

The determination is made by a manager VacationRequestPolicyFilter:


package com.jalios.jcmsplugin.vacationrequest; 

interface VacationRequestPolicyFilter { 

 * Returns the validators for the given VacationRequest and the given role. 
 * @param vr the VacationRequest 
 * @param roleId the roleId 
 * @returns the validators for the given VacationRequest and the given role. 
public Set<Member> getValidators(VacationRequest vr, String roleId); 

A "FlowChart" implementation is supplied by the plugin. It is used to find the manager by seeking in the organizational structure.

It is possible to write a VacationRequestPolicyFilter to meet a specific need.


Vacation type

The type of leave (RTT, paid holidays, ...) is defined by a class. At installation, the module created this category tree.

Default Categories can be customized.

The root category of types of vacation request can be set in the plugin properties ("category for types of vacation request").


External integration


You can save a  DataController on VacationRequest type to trigger an action on certain events, for example, passing a request to the "OK".

public class MyHrisDataController extends BasicDataController {

  public void afterWrite(Data data, int op, Member mbr, Map context) {

    VacationRequest vr = (VacationRequest) data;

    if (op != JcmsConstants.OP_UPDATE && op != JcmsConstants.OP_CREATE)

    if (vr.getPstatus() != VacationRequestConstants.ACCEPTED_PSTATUS)

    // Actions à effectuer lors du passage à l'état Accepté


Calendar events


Calendar events are initially created in the default workspace. The workspace can be selected in the module properties ("creation of workspace calendar events").

Start and end of half-days

Calendar events are normally created on the entire day. But, in the case of half-day, they are created with start and end.

These properties can be edited in the plugin parameters.



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