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Flash Info plugin 1.2


Quickly inform your colleagues of urgent messages with Flash Info news: they are short and effective announcements for which you can define the audience and publication and expiry dates.


2018-04-25 190154 

When to use this plugin?

You have an important  announcement to make, but you are afraid that it will be drowned in the mass of information published on your Intranet? 
Whether it is for a server maintenance message for all staff or an access restriction to a site that only concerns the employees of this site, the flash info plugin provides you a way to publish and promote the news  in a  targeted and temporary way on your home page or any other portal of your Jalios site.

What does it do ?

The plugin provides a simple and intuitive interface for publishing flash info posts, as well as a paginated display to highlight them in a portal.
The flash info news are defined in 3 steps with the following information:
  • Message with rich  text editing and multimedia content
  • Level of importance (information, warning, alert)
  • Publication date
  • Expiry date (precise date or after a given time)
  • Audience (targeted or generic)
  • Option to be marked as read

Flash Info news can be marked as read by the user, and in this case, it no longer appears for this user, but remains visible to others. For very important messages, the author of the flash info news can choose that it can not be hidden.

it is possible to publish several Flash Info news at the same time : they are easily scrolled through a paginated display. If there are no flash info news, then the display is fully hidden.

The portal display template provides the following features : 

  • Pagination of announcements
  • The edition of announcements (if given the appropriate rights) 
  • The publication of new announcements (if given the appropriate rights)
Finally, just as with any articles, blog posts, documents, etc. on the site, the following features are available for flash info news :
  • Recommendation
  • Validation workflow
  • Right management
  • Quick add in the Topbar
  • Transversal search  
  • Multi-categorization
  • Major / minor updates

What our customers like about it

The visibility and relevance of the information

Flash Info news are  highlighted on the home page, with a different color according to the level of importance. They are clearly differentiated from other publications on the site (communication articles, documents, etc.).
They are targeted and are only displayed if the user is in the target. If there are no flash info news, the plugin is not displayed. Once marked as read, an info flash will no longer be displayed for the connected user. 

The ease of publication

The publication interface is simple and intuitive, offering a step by step approach for filling it in.
A user with the appropriate contribution rights can publish a flash info directly from the home page.


1. Flash Info news at information level
2. Flash Info news at warning level
3. Flash Info news at alert level
4. Paginated display
5. Publishing a flash info news - step 1/3
6. Publishing a flash info news - step 2/3 with expiry date after a given time
7. Publishing a flash info news - step 2/3 with specific expiry date
8. Publishing a flash info news - step 3/3


  • Add the plugin to your application
  • Enable the FlashInfo content type in the default workspace (or in any other workspace where you want to use it)


  • 1.2
  • Stable
  • JPlatform 10 SP1
    JPlatform 10 SP2
    JPlatform 10 SP3
    JPlatform 10 SP4
Certified by Jalios
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  • Paid Plugin
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  • 12/1/20
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