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Office 365 Plugin 2.0


The Office 365 plugin allows users to share and co-edit MS Office documents directly within a Jalios Digital Platform site.

Users can start the co-edition from:

  • A blank document
  • A document created from a template document available on the site
  • A document created from an MS Office document uploaded from the user computer

Users can edit the document online or with the MS Office applications (Word, PowerPoint, Excel).

Users can also navigate in their OneDrive files through the "Office 365 Explorer" Portlet . This portlet provides several features to work on files : upload, download, sharing, folder creation, ...

This module requires the installation of version 1.2 or more of the [jx_71231][OAuth]] plugin.


1. Viewer
2. Edition d'un Document
3. Ajout d'un nouveau document Office


This module requires the installation of version 1.2 or more of the OAuth plugin.

OAuth Configuration in Azure AD

To be able interact with documents stored in Office 365, it is necessary to indicate to Office 365 that our web application wants to access. For that, it is necessary to configure OAuth authentication in Azure Active Driectory.

You can follow the following documentation which explains how to register your web application:




To access Azure AD, please go to the Office 365 menu on the top left and click Admin:



In the Administration Center, click "Azure AD" found in the "ADMINISTRATOR" section:



When you are in Azure AD, you must create a Directory. For this, click on "NEW" at the bottom left and fill out the form fields:



After that, you must create an application in the directory. To do this, go to the directory that you created earlier, and click "APPLICATIONS". Click "ADD" at the bottom of the page:


The CONNEXION URL must be of the type



Once the application is created, click on it and then "CONFIGURE":


You must add permissions for other applications. To do this, click on "Add Application", select the application in the left column. It is then added to the right column and press OK. Once the application added to the list, you must check the "Application Permissions" and "Delegated permissions":

Office 365 Management APIs  
  • Read activity data for your organization
  • Read service health information for your organ...
  • Read activity reports for your organization
  • Read activity data for your organization
  • Read service health information for your organ...
  • Read activity reports for your organization
Office 365 SharePoint Online  
  • Read and write items and lists in all site collectio...
  • Read and write managed metadata
  • Read user profiles
  • Read and write managed metadata
  • Read and write items and lists in all site collectio...
  • Read user profiles
Windows Azure Active Driectory    
  • Sign in and read user profile


These permissions may have to change in future updates of the plugin.


Then click "SAVE" at the bottom of the page.

After Recording:

  • Copy the key that appears in the "Keys" section. Do not lose this key because it will be necessary to configure the Office 365 plugin.
  • Copy the Client ID required also to the Office 365 plugin configuration

Office 365 plugin configuration

Go to the plugin administration, and enter the 2 previous keys in their respective fields.

It is possible to configure a root category that will be used to store document templates.

Remember to enable the document type you selected in the workspace where you want to use the Office 365 plugin.


Connecting a member to Office 365

Go to the member profile edition, and click on the "Access Account" tab.

Click "Connect to Office 365". In the window that opens, you authorize the requested rights.

The window closes. You are now connected.

Creating an Office document

To create a new document, click the "Add" menu of the topbar, and then "Documents", then "An Office365 document".

You can either create a new blank document or a new document from a local document.



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Follow the steps in the modal, then click "Finish."

The modal closes after processing time and then you are redirected to your new Office 365 document:


From there, a document on Office 365 is then linked to a document on your site. You see the Office 365 viewer.

therefore it is possible to:

  • Edit the document directly online or through one of your Office software (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) present on your computer
  • Share the document with other members who can edit or view
  • Fetch the document content on Office 365 in order to update the document linked on your site
  • Stop edition: it would effectively remove the document Office 365, then you will not see the Office 365 viewer on your site. When you stop editing, it is possible to recover the content before stopping to update the document on your site.

Creating an Office document from a FileDocument

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You can create an Office document from a document (Word, Excel or Powerpoint)already on your site.

For that, you have to go on the document page and in the right menu click on "Edit with Office 365"


After clicking, a confirm modal opens. After confirmation, the modal closes after processing time and then you are redirected to your new document Office 365.

The Exporer portlet

Once added to your portal, the portlet allows you to:

  • Browsing in your Office 365 space
  • Create, rename, delete directories
  • Upload new documents
  • Search in your Office 365 space



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