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Document Viewer Plugin 5.0


The Document Viewer Plugin displays offices documents in the WebBrowser without needs to download and open them with a dedicated software.

This plugin trigger a conversion from PDF to SVG. Be sure to have a convert executable like pdf2svg provided by library cairo.

For IE8, which doesn't support SVG, a pdftocairo converter provided by the same library will convert it to PNG.

The viewer will adapt to the browser to display most convenient document (if it exists on server).

Note : This version is a rewrite of previous plugin but the previous SWF viewer is still included (in order to display old documents). The SWF viewer will not be maintained.


1. Exemple de visualisation de document


Linux executables are provided by distributions.

For windows, there are present at : 

- PNG : http://blog.alivate.com.au/poppler-windows/

- SVG : several solutions : Script pdf2svg.bat that uses poppler (same as PNG), or http://www.cityinthesky.co.uk/opensource/pdf2svg/ (but may fail to convert some files), or commercial product PDFTron (they provide support on potential conversion issues)

Jalios doesn't provide any support on those external products.


1. The plugin is not initialised

The plugin depends on PDFConverterPlugin check if those plugins starts correctly.

2. The pdf2swf process hangs or consume lots of memory

There is many issues with external process execution. Especially on linux. See JCMS installation manual.

3. The player is not displayed on a given document

If the player is not displayed, it can be for multiple reason : - Flash is not installed correctly on the client - The SWF file has not been generated. Check PDF2SWF is minimum version 0.9.0 and File generated with option -T 9 (for Flash 9) - The SWF has not been generated because PDF cannot be generated (non managed extension, process error or just dealy in processing) - Some others plugins provided a document viewer and hide this one

4. workaround for MS windows file system limit

Under Windows, use the following property to work around limit about file path length jcmsplugin.documentviewer.process.path:
"c:/system32/WindowsPowerShell\v1.0/powershell.exe" -ExecutionPolicy Bypass "c:/path/to/pdf2swf.ps1" "{1}" "{0}"

(replace c:/path/to by the absolute path to the folder plugins/DocumentViewerPlugin/swf)

This configuration needed PowerShell tools.

The script is available for 3.x+ plugin version. Contact support to get it if you have a previous version.


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