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Conversation Spaces Plugin 5.3


The Conversation spaces plugin brings a new conversational dimension to JCMS. It provides a vehicle for contacts and interactivity between people interested in specific subjects. In a sense the conversation space is the successor of the traditional forum. This plugin presently supports three types of conversation space: suggestion box, collaborative FAQ or Forum.

A conversation space is managed by one or several animators. It is also possible to assign an expert group. Users start a discussion on a precise subject, often an idea, a question or a topic. The other members can participate at several levels, by posting reactions, answers and remarks or by voting. These votes help identify the most interesting ideas, the most relevant questions and the best answers. In this manner, the members help to enhance the value of the information.

By default, points and comments aren't activated on Forum. You can activate the points by modifying Forum type.

Conversation Space Community allows to regroup one Suggestion Box, one Social FAQ, and one Forum into one content.

The JMobile Plugin makes conversation spaces accessible via an iPhone or Android smartphone. The interface enables remote participation (consult, vote, contribute) in all the user's spaces.


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4. Conversations application on JMobile
5. Conversation display on JMobile



Install Social Conversation plugin and restart JCMS.



Go to your workspace's administration and add the following Content types:

  • Conversation Space
  • Suggestion Box
  • Collaborative FAQ
  • Social Forum
  • Conversation Space Community

Go to your workspace's administration and add the following User Content types:

  • Social Conversation
  • Social Question
  • Social Idea
  • Social Comment
  • Social Answer
  • Social Topic

Go to your workspace's administration and add Portlet types:

  • Portlet Conversation Space


You can now create a Portlet conversation Space where you will be able to add conversation spaces or a Conversation Space Community.
If you choose to create two different conversation spaces through the portlet, a Conversation Space Community will be created, regrouping the created conversation spaces.
If you already have conversation spaces that you wanna regroup in a Conversation Space Community, create a Conversation Space Community in the back office, and set the right conversation spaces.
When you create a new Space, you can set up the following options :

  • Display score : You can choose to display the conversation and members points.
  • Value of a vote on a answer / reaction : The number of points added when an answer or a reaction receive a vote.If 0, the vote is disabled.
  • Value of a vote on an idea / question : The number of points added when an idea or a question receive a vote.If 0, the vote is disabled.
  • Number of points by answer or reaction given to the conversation : The number of points added to a conversation when adding a new answer / reaction.
  • Max flags : Max flags before a conversation is considered as abusive
  • Display score : You can choose to display the conversation and members points.

For a SocialFAQ you can also define :

  • Points for a best answer : The number of points given when the author of a question chooses a best answer
  • Number of points for answer's author : The number of points given for every answer added on this Conversation Space


For a Social Suggestion box, you can add new Statuses and map points to these statuses. These points will be won when the idea will get a status change.

In all Conversation Spaces types( Social Suggestion Box, Social FAQ & SocialForum), you can add Categories directly in the front interface.



  • Moderate Conversation Space
      • You can set the Conversation Space Plugin WorkFlow to the following types : Social Idea - Social Question - Social Answer - Social Comment

    When you set up a workflow on one of the current types, you have to link roles to groups in your workspace back office.

    There is 2 different roles :

    • Moderator : the group who will moderate the content (and will put the content in "To Moderate" state or "rejected".
    • Writer : the group who will contribute to the Conversation Space and have the right to publish and edit its content
  • Portlet Conversation Space
    • This portlet can be added to your private desktop & to your collaborative space applications. It will display either the latest conversation or the best contributors
  • Collaborative Space service
    • This portlet can be added to your collaborative space services. It will be displayed in a inner tab of your COllaborative Space


1. Upgrading from version 4.2 or earlier to 4.3 or higher

To migrate to version 4.3, you have to play the following queries according to your database :


update g_socialidea set j_moderation_hide=false;
update g_socialquestion set j_moderation_hide=false;
update g_socialtopic set j_moderation_hide=false;
update g_socialanswer set j_moderation_hide=false;
update g_socialcomment set j_moderation_hide=false;


update g_socialidea set j_moderation_hide='f';
update g_socialquestion set j_moderation_hide='f';
update g_socialtopic set j_moderation_hide='f';
update g_socialanswer set j_moderation_hide='f';
update g_socialcomment set j_moderation_hide='f';

Derby / Sql Server / Oracle / DB2

update g_socialidea set j_moderation_hide=0;
update g_socialtopic set j_moderation_hide=0;
update g_socialquestion set j_moderation_hide=0;
update g_socialanswer set j_moderation_hide=0;
update g_socialcomment set j_moderation_hide=0;

2. What should I do if my chat rooms display an integrity warning on the points system ?

Version 4.3 offers a feature to choose the points system on a chat room. It is allowed to choose between the votes of the global system, and the points of the chat rooms.

An integrity warning will be displayed on all spaces in your back office following the migration to 4.3. This does not pose any problems in terms of using or storing the data. The point system used by default will be the one used in older versions.

It is however possible to update all your chat rooms via the jsp available here . Just play it and all spaces will no longer display the integrity warning


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