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Conversation Spaces Plugin 6.0


With the Conversation Space module, put your employees in touch  on specific topics and capitalise on their expertise. Turn your Digital Workplace into a space for ideas, build your knowledge base and encourage collective ingenuity.


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When to use this module?

Do you want to develop the involvement of your employees by deploying participative innovation? The Conversation Space module allows you to provide them with idea boxes where everyone can contribute according to their inspiration. Voting will allow the ideas that generate the most enthusiasm to emerge.

Do you want to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and enhance the expertise of your employees? The Collaborative FAQ offers an easy-to-read format, highlighting the most relevant questions and the best answers.

Do you want to boost interaction within your organisation and build your knowledge base? The forums encourage, in a friendly and informal format, the sharing of information and knowledge, the transversality of experiences and cooperation for the construction of a collective intelligence capitalised within your knowledge base.



What does this module offer?

The Conversation Space module offers 3 types of space to put your employees in touch with each other on different themes:

  • Idea boxes
  • Collaborative FAQs
  • The discussion forums

The Communities of Conversation Spaces allow you to group together in the same content, a suggestion box, a collaborative FAQ and a discussion forum.


These user-friendly and informal spaces, managed by one or more facilitators, are accessible on mobile phones and offer a content structure that facilitates quick reading.

The members interact and participate in the valorisation of information with :

  • The publication of reactions, answers, remarks, etc.
  • Voting to bring out the most interesting ideas, the most relevant questions and the best answers

They can subscribe to a conversation to be notified when a new publication is made. The expert label can be attributed to contributors identified as such to highlight their level of competence on the topic concerned. 


Each publication displays a reading indicator, the number of responses, the number of points and the number of views.


Statistics are available to measure the level of interest in the discussions with an indication of the number of responses, votes, remarks and questions per member.

Users can search by conversation type, author, date, status, topic and sort to bring up the highest rated, most recent publications .

In an idea box, you can determine status and select points based on the status for attribution to the author and the idea.

The following options can be configured in a chat room and a collaborative FAQ : 

  • Points system with the possibilty to choose votes or likes
  • Activation of the points system on conversations and responses (if the value set is 0, voting is disactivated)
  • Selection of the number of points awarded to the author of a conversation when an answer is added.
  • Selecting the number of warnings before the conversation status changes.

In a Collaborative FAQ, you can set :

  • The number of points awarded to the author and the conversation when a best answer is chosen.
  • The number of points awarded to an author when answering  a question.


The module offers two moderation practices accessible to facilitators through a interface.


Moderation by the moderators on conversations, answers and remarks allows :

  • Hide the content (for participants)
  • To add a text (not mandatory) to detail the reasons for moderation
  • To indicate duplicates
  • To select a category of moderation (Abuse, off-topic...)
    To close the votes, answers and remarks of a conversation.

Moderation by contributors allows them to alert moderators of the existence of abuse on the content of conversation spaces with automatic masking if several abuses are reported on the same publication. This functionality is subject to a workflow to be defined beforehand.


What our customers like

Subscriptions to facilitate the transmission of information on a topic

The conversation space module allows me to subscribe to conversations about my interests. I am alerted when a new publication is published and I don't miss anything about the exchanges around the themes that concern me.


The structuring and display of the publications which facilitates the taking into account of information.

The search and its filters, the possibility to sort by date and score, the mention of expert profiles and the indicators displayed on each publication make it easier to distinguish and understand the different messages. I know instantly whether the content I am consulting corresponds to the information I am looking for.


1. Home
2. Question
3. Ideas list (sorted by views)
4. Dashboard
5. Mobile access (iPhone)


JPlatform compatibility

Warning, this version is only compatible with JPlatform version 10 SP4

Migration 5.x to 6.0

Automatic migration procedure is played at the first launch of the module via the following properties:

jcmsplugin.socialConversation.app.migrate-conversationspace-settings-to-community: true
jcmsplugin.socialConversation.app.migrate-conversationspace-experts-to-community: true
jcmsplugin.socialConversation.app.migrate-conversationspace-member-to-community: true
jcmsplugin.socialConversation.app.migrate-conversationspace-categories-to-community: true

It is advisable not to deactivate them in order to let the procedure play automatically

This migration allows you to move data that were on the Chat Rooms to the Chat Room Communities in order to simplify their configuration. The following data are migrated

  • Settings (Points / Options)
  • Experts and managers
  • Members of chat rooms (For the score)
  • Categories


Install Social Conversation plugin and restart JCMS.


A tutorial is available explaining all functional features


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