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Dev Tools Plugin 8.1


This plugin provides development tools for JCMS:

  • A store generator ;
  • A DBData generator ;
  • A tool to reload languages properties ;
  • A tool to regenerate all the types ;
  • A tool to display all the data created from a given stamp (e.g. the workcopy sync stamp)
  • The Debug Portlet which prints technical informations such as the current portal ;

category, workspace, ...;

  • The SpyFilter which prints all the HTTP parameters.


1. The Debug Portlet
2. New menu in the admin area
3. Example of SpyFilter output
4. List of data created from a given stamp



Dev/Dev Authentication

To log-in as the default admin, use the (or localhost) URL for your webapp and enter dev as login and dev as password.

Store Generator

To generate new data, call plugins/DevToolsPlugin/jsp/storeGenerator.jsp

Reload language properties

In the Admin. Area, click on the Reload Lang Properties link (in the Tools box)

Regenerate all the types

In the Admin. Area, click on the Regenerate all the types link (in the Tools box) and confirm.

Display created data

In the Admin. Area, click on the Display Created Data link (in the Tools box). Select a start stamp to display all the data created from this stamp. You can filter according a data type.

Font-Office Test

In the Admin. Area, click on the Front-Office link (in the Tools box).

You may generate a panel of fake data, then access to a page including all the element of the front-office, available in a portal. Besides, you have a list of link to JSP that can't be included in a portal.

You may then remove all fake data.

Debug Portlet

Create a JspPortlet and fill the JSP field with plugins/DevToolsPlugin/jsp/debugPortlet.jsp

Add this portlet in the portal you want to get information



Edit the WEB-INF/web.xml file and add a servlet filter



  • 8.1
  • Stable
  • JPlatform 10
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  • 11/20/19
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