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Comment Plugin 6.3.2


This plugin adds the ability to put comments on publications.


1. List of comments


1. Installation

  • Deploy Comment plugin
  • Add Workspace's rights for publication type "DBComment"
  • Update plugin's properties to define
    • Which types can be commented
    • Can the comment be anonymous
  • If the comments can be anonymous, you have to define the Default Author in the JCMS property editor (User tab).
  • A moderation workflow can be set on DBComment type.

2. Options

2.1 Anonymous comments

Activating anonymous comments will permit non-logged-in visitors to comment on publications.

Logged users will still be identified as authors of their comments.
DBComment plugin allows anonymous on publication.

In plugin settings :

  • Anonymous comments must be set to true
  • "Notify anonymous user" sends notification emails to anonymous users who have commented on a publication

In admin settings, default user must be defined : Admin Area > Properties > Users tab > Default Author (DBData).
We recommend to use a dedicated account for this purpose.

2.2 Strict moderation mode

In plugin's settings, if "Activate strict moderation mode" is set to true, users who have the right to update other member comments (admin for example), will be able to update all fields but the content of the comment.

2.3 Disable comments on publication

Comments can be disabled on each publication.

dbcomment desactiver
"Allow to disable comments on a Publication" property must be set to true in plugin properties.
Users who have the right to update a publication, will be able to deactivate comments on it when editing the publication, or by clicking on an item in publication full display.

The default value of is commentable can be set to true or false in plugin properties.

2.4 Private comments (Since version 5.2)

You need to enable the functionnality in plugin properties, and define a group which will have the right to publish private comments.

2015-08 - dbcommentplugin - commentaires prives - proprietes

Members of this group will have the right to read private comments, and publish private comments (Option available when publishing a new comment)

2015-08 - dbcommentplugin - commentaires prives - formulaire

The private comment will displayed as private for the members who have the rights to read it.

2015-08 - dbcommentplugin - commentaires prives - commentaire

If private comments is disabled : 

  • members won't be allowed to publish private comments anymore
  • comments marked as private will stay private, and members of private group will have the rights to read them

2.5 Affichage intelligent des commentaires

 You can enable this mode in plugin properties

This mode hides old comments on a Publication. You can define the minimum number of comments to display with the "jcmsplugin.dbcomment.displayed-comment-count" property.

In the case of a Publication with comments before the last major update, these comments will be hidden, with a visual indication of the last major update, and the number of comments before it.

Example display : 

SmartCommentDisplay - Major update


1. Migration vers la version 5.2

La version 5.2 ajoute une fonctionnalité de commentaires privés. Cela nécessite de mettre à jour votre table dans la base de données pour mettre à jour le champ de commentaire privé :

PostgreSQL / MySQL :
update g_dbcomment set j_private_comment='f'; ('f' = false, 't' = true)
update g_dbcommentrevision set j_private_comment='f'; ('f' = false, 't' = true)
Derby / Oracle :
update g_dbcomment set j_private_comment=0; (0 = false 1 = true)
update g_dbcommentrevision set j_private_comment=0; 


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