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WebChat Plugin 3.4


Facilitate communication between collaborators and reduce their mailboxes with instant messaging. Simple, intuitive and easy to access, the Webchat plugin allows real-time chatting between employees.

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When to use this module?

Do you need a quick answer, but don't want to disturb others? Less intrusive than a phone call, the webchat allows you to ask a colleague in real time and get an instant response if he or she is available.

Are you tired of receiving and sending emails for what seems like details that could be handled more easily and quickly if everyone was in the same room? The Webchat plugin allows you to bring your team together in a virtual room to discuss more efficiently.

Do you want to make it easier for your employees to work remotely? The webchat module provides you with a complete videoconferencing solution.

What does this plugin do?

The Webchat plugin offers your employees all the functionalities of instant messaging, audio and video to exchange with one or more employees, at any time from your Digital Workplace

  • Initiate/receive a written, audio or video conversation
    • Send/receive files, screenshots
    • Send/receive animated gifs (Giphy), smileys
    • Notify when a message is received (visual and sound notification)
    • Indicate the presence of participants and the reading of messages
    • Indicate when a message is being written
    • Look for a member
  • Exchange with several collaborators in a chat room
    • Create, name a chat room and associate a photo with it
    • Change the photo of a chat room
    • Enter a chat room
    • Add a participant to a current chat room
  • Search for a conversation or room
  • View the conversation history
  • Display of status "connected", "unavailable", "do not disturb"
  • Set up the receipt ofalerts and notifications

The webchat is fully integrated into the Digital Workplace. It is accessible and can be started from multiple locations:

  • via the webchat icon at the bottom right
  • by the topbar
  • application launcher from a blog
  • post from a contac business card
  • from the profile page

Three view modes are available 

    • The "application" view for full-screen chat (chatops)

Accessible from the application launcher of the topbar, it opens a complete webchat page that displays open conversations on the left and the selected conversation in the center.

    • The "sidebar" view to view all your conversations while browsing your Digital Workplace

Accessible from the webchat icon located at the bottom right of your Digital Workplace, it opens a sidebar with the display of conversations or rooms, the search bar for conversations, members or rooms.

    • The "chat window" view to view your current conversations, by conversation, at any time

It opens one or more windows of your active conversations at the bottom of your Digital Workplace. Each window has a drop-down menu in the window topbar to access features for inserting smileys, attachments and gifts accessible at the bottom of the window.

For more information, see the guides

What our customers like about it

Exchange quickly at any time without disturbing the other party

With the webchat, we can exchange together in an informal and fast way at any time. When I read a news item and want additional information quickly, I can easily contact the authors with webchat directly from their business card that appears when I hover over their names. I can ask directly my question and they answer me instantly if they are available.

Easy access everywhere

With Jalios webchat, I can access my conversations anywhere in my Digital Workplace, either from the icon in the bottom right-hand corner or from the three view modes (application, sidebar and chat window). I can initiate conversations easily from my colleagues' business card or profile page. I don't have to leave my Digital Workplace and I receive message notifications directly.

Remote working made easy

Webchat makes it easier for me to work from home: in many situations, I no longer need to send emails or make phone calls. Often, I quickly check that a person is available via webchat before I call them by phone or make an audio or video call. My team's chat room allows us to continue to communicate effectively when we are not all in the office. And even when we're all in the office, we continue to chat on the webchat, because it's sometimes more effective in making sure everyone gets the message.


1. Starting the webchat from the application launcher
2. Full app view
3. Sidebar view and online status
4. Starting the webchat from a contact card
5. Conversation windows and sending files and animated gifs



Add this plugin with the plugin manager and restart JCMS.
To run, this plugin requires the installation and setup of OpenFire XMPP server.

Install Subscription plugin : Administration d'OpenFire -> Plugins



Fill all plugin properties :

   * Bot username and password created during the OpenFire installation.
   * BOSH Service url : get it from OpenFire admin panel : 

          2015-11-04 10 06 50-Openfire Console d'Administration  HTTP Bind Settings

   * In Server configuration, select -> Server -> HTTP Binding -> Script Syntax -> Enabled - Allows BOSH Clients With Limited Access to Connect to the Server

   * Restart JCMS.


Test Configuration

You can test the installation and configuration of the XMPP server and WebChat plugin from the administration area :

   * Technical administration -> Monitoring -> WebChat

   * Actions -> Test XMPP Configuration

   * If everything is ok, continue to the next step

   * Fill in the account of a member who can use the WebChat plugin ( by default all members can use it)

   * Trace must end with "Strpohe is connected. SUCCESS"


WebChat Menu

   * WebChat menu is accessible from the top bar :


   * Unfolded, the menu will display the last 10 people you have interacted 

   * You can quickly search for a member and see his status




Conversation between 2 people

   * You can start a conversation from the topbar menu or from a member profile card : 


   * A chat window appears in the bottom right of the screen : 



   * The following informations are available :

      * Time elapsed

      * The message is delivered (gray check mark under the message)



      * The message is read (green check mark under the message)

      * The user is active in the conversation



      * The user is inactive in the conversation



      * The user is writing



      *  A series of emoticons




   * Browser notification, available from firefox 40, chrome 43, Safari 8, Opera 32. IE and Edge does not support notifications. Note that firefox notifications appear only 4 seconds.



   * Sound and visual notification, a sound is played when you receive a new message. The title of the tab also flashes and display : "New Message".




Currently only the last 20 messages by conversation are stored in the browser localStorage and displayed to the user.


1. Pendant combien de temps les messages sont-ils conservés?

Le temps de conservation des messages, pour les conversations en 1 à 1 et à plusieurs, est paramétrable via la console d'administration d'OpenFire. Au delà du nombre de jours indiqués, les messages sont supprimés.

2. A quelle moment une salle de discussion est-elle définitivement supprimé?

Une salle de discussion sera supprimé dès que tous les membres de la salle l'auront quitté.

Fermer la fenêtre de la salle de discussion en cliquant sur la croix ne vous fait pas quitter la salle. Vous continuerez de recevoir les messages en provenance de celle-ci.

3. Qui peut accéder aux fichiers partagés?

Seuls les personnes présentent dans la discussion peuvent accéder aux fichiers partagés dans celle-ci.

Les administrateurs et les administrateurs de l'espace configuré peuvent également voir les fichiers partagés.

4. Est-il possible d'accéder à JBot en s'authentifiant par délégation ?

Un utilisateur ayant utiliser l'authentification en délégation ne pourra utiliser JBot.


  • 3.4
  • Stable
  • JPlatform 10 SP4
Certified by Jalios
  • Yes
  • Paid Plugin
  • Jalios Support
  • Jalios SA
  • Jalios
  • 2.37 MB
  • 2/9/21
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