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JCapture Plugin 4.0


With the JCapture plugin, you can dematerialize processes that involve paper documents . The plugin will scan paper documents, process them and inject them into your EDM (Electronic Document Management). It can also initiate an internal processing workflow (processing supplier invoices, training release sheet, field intervention sheet, etc...).

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When to use this plugin?

Do you have internal or external processes that involve paper documents or PDF files sent by email (purchase orders, quotations, invoices, etc.)? Optimize these processes by setting up an automatic digital processing chain that takes the scanned paper document or the attached PDF file as input and triggers a handling process (Workflow). 

JCapture gives the possibility to set up an end-to-end capture chain.

What does this plugin do?

The JCapture module can be used in several contexts:

  • The document is only available as a paper version : JCapture communicates with the Fujistu iX500 and S1300i scanners installed on the user's Windows computer. After scanning, the document is placed directly in the platform and opens to allow the user to finalize the recording. 
  • The document is already available on the Jalios platform: JCapture analyzes the document, recognizes its type (invoice, estimate, etc.) and processes it 

JCapture recognizes the type of document, it extracts information from the digitized document (invoice reference, date, amount excluding tax, etc.) with OCR (optical character recognition). The data is added to the metadata of the document (title, description, etc.) in the platform.

The plugin uses capture templates that are configured and pre-saved in the platform. These templates are composed of several patterns (regular expressions) allowing to recognize the document type in a unique way. For example, it can recognize the type of document with: 

  • A text in a given area of the document (example: the word Amazon in the header of an invoice)
  • A date in a given format (example: the date of a training on an emargement sheet)

Recognition can be done on the first page, the last page, page 1 or 2 of the document.


What our customers like about this plugin

Productivity gain

The productivity gain obtained thanks to the speed of acquisition and processing of incoming documents makes the company's or organization's document processes more efficient. JCapture reduces repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

Excellent quality/price ratio

Setting up a document scanning and acquisition chain can be very expensive. JCapture allows you to have a very good quality/price ratio and to control costs.


1. List of scanned captures
2. JCapture editor
3. JCapture templates
4. Graphical editing of a detection and extraction template
5. Desktop scanner



In addition to the module file, servers running Jalios Digital Platform must have installed :

  • The ImageMagick suite
  • In order for ImageMagick to process PDF files, you will also need to install GhostScript

Setting up Jalios Digital Platform

As a Jalios Digital Platform administrator

  • Create a "Scan to be processed" category (note its identifier)
  • Allow DBFileDocument type in the default space
  • Go to Administration Area > Properties > Web Services
    • Enable Open API read and write :

Installing the JCapture client

On Windows: Download the client and follow the guide How to install JCapture for Windows ?

On Mac OSX: follow the guide How to install JCapture for Mac OSX ?


Defining a ScanSnapManager profile to use JCapture

On Windows, follow the guide How to configure JCapture in ScanSnap Manager for Windows ?

On Mac OS, follow the guide How to configure JCapture in ScanSnap Manager for Mac OS X ?


Module properties

PDF to Image Conversion Command

/usr/bin/convert "{src.path}[{page.index}]" -alpha off -background white -colorspace rgb -resize {width}x{height} "{dest.path}"

Required: Command to launch the Convert tool of the ImageMagick suite


Maximum PDF to image conversion time (seconds)


Mandatory: Time allowed to Convert for PDF conversion


Creating a Generic Capture Model

As a space administrator

  • Go to a space
  • Allow "Capture Model" type
  • Create a new capture model
    • Title: Generic Document
    • Editor Tab
      • Create and check the category "Document type"
      • Create sub-categories (e.g. "Vendor Invoice", "Purchase Order", "Mail", "Other Documents")
    • Metadata tab
      • Capture Workspace: Default Space
      • Type of document : (Empty)
  • Save the capture model


Creating a Generic Capture Model

Follow the guide Create a model with JCapture

Portlet Capture List

As a functional administrator

  • Create a portlet "Capture List"
    • Check the "Scan to process" category
  • Place this portlet in a portal (or co space, virtual office)
  • Run multiple scans without processing them
  • Go to the portal presenting the portlet
  • All unprocessed scans appear
  • Click on one of the scans
    • -> The portlet switches to JCapture Edit mode


  • 4.0
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  • JPlatform 10
Certified by Jalios
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