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Wiki Plugin 7.4


With the Wiki plugin, create and edit web content in collaborative way. Simply manage shared knowledge bases and give them the required structure to fit your teams' needs.

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When to use this plugin?

Do you need to document a technical or functionalsubject, to take minutes of meetings, to keep notes, or to collaborate on articles ? Wiki pages are very convenient for a free flow of information within the company. 

Wiki pages encourage everyone to contribute to the company's projects: every user can add pages, modify or correct existing wiki pages in workspaces that they are allowed to do so.

What does this plugin do?

Ease and comfort of use

  • Creation, update and deletion of each page from the front-office
  • Input with a rich editor in WYSIWYG mode. The plugin embeds the TinyMCE component and allows you to create content with formatting (font, bold, etc.)
  • Unified insertion of links to existing documents, links to other content, web content
  • Insertioncopy/paste, image drag & drop and resizing
  • Creation of sections (h1, h2, ...), generation of table of contents
  • Creation of a tree structure to classify Wiki pages. 
  • Navigation between pages in an explorer.

History management

  • Saving of the full history of changes 
  • Possibility to go back at any time to a previous version

What our customers like about it

A fully integrated user experience

There are several ways to access wiki pages content, making it a powerful content tool. First, the Wiki plugin gives access to the Wiki application from the application launcher. The Wiki application gives an overview of all wiki pages of the platform accessible by the user. The wiki pages can also be found in document explorer and they are shown in the activity wall. Wiki pages can be contextualized within a collaborative space

As with other types of content on JPlatform, wiki pages can be commented, liked and recommanded. the rich text editor and the unified insertion is consistent with all other text fields in JPlatform, thus making the user experience simple and consistent.


1. Wiki page full display
2. Editing a wiki page
3. Accessing the Wiki from the application launcher
4. The wiki application
5. The Wiki application within a collaborative space


  • Follow the PluginManager installation process.
  • Restart the site.

A video of the Wiki Plugin (older version)

Wiki Edition

The Wiki Page edition has been designed to be very easy. Each page can be created, updated and deleted from the front-office.

The content field contains text with the JCMS wiki syntax. The plugin adds 3 new tags :

  • [fig]...[/fig]: insert figures;
  • [toc/]: insert the Table Of Content. By default, the headings of the Wiki Pages are auto-numbered;
  • [abstract]...[/abstract]: to mark the abstract of the page.

Portlet Wiki

The plugin provides a new portlet, Portlet Wiki, which can be used to browse Wiki Pages through a category tree. A Wiki root is dedicated to this navigation. When the user clicks on a category, he is redirected to one of those 3 posibilities :

  1. On the Wiki Page editor if there is no page attached to this category (and if the user can publish Wiki Pages) ;
  2. On a list of Wiki Pages attached to this category ;
  3. On the main Wiki Page attached to this category. The main Wiki Page is either the only page attached to a category or a page marks as the main page.


  • 7.4
  • Stable
  • JPlatform 10
Certified by Jalios
  • Yes
  • Paid Plugin
  • Jalios Support
  • Jalios SA
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  • 7/6/20
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