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Edit your office documents in co-edition

Modify an office document and edit it with several people simultaneously.

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Duration : 5 min

Step 1 / 5
  1.  When consulting a document, you only need to click once to co-edit it.
  2. open with JDrive offers the possibility of synchronizing the document on your computer.
    Then the document can then be edited there, using the application. (JDrive must be installed)
Step 2 / 5

Take advantage of the concurrent co-editing with OnlyOffice that Jalios offers as standard.
Office 365, Google G-Suite and Collabora are also supported.

1. this button allows you to invite other people to co-edit.

Step 3 / 5

Simply indicate the people and groups invited to co-edit the document.
As you enter a name, the corresponding contacts are proposed.

Step 4 / 5

Your correspondents are informed about the co-editing. And they can join the co-editing very easily.

The document can no longer be modified by other people (locking).

Step 5 / 5
  1. the active participants are indicated.
  2. Once the changes are completed, end the concurrent modification and the new version is automatically deposited on the server.

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