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DialogflowJBotProvider Plugin


Choose the power of Google Dialogflow for your conversational assistant JBot !

The Dialogflow plugin is a provider plugin for the plugin JBot.


When to use this plugin?

Would you like to set up a chatbot on your Digital Workplace with JBot? The Dialogflow plugin allows you to choose Google's Dialogflow conversational agent to motorize JBot.

What does it do?

The Dialogflow plugin is a provider plugin for the JBot plugin.

The advantages of this provider :

  • the power of machine learning developed by Google
  • a cloud solution that is quick to implement 
  • the intuitive conversational agent training interface
  • support for 14+ languages (including : French, English, German, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese)

To find out more:


Add the DialogflowJBotProvider plugin through the plugin manager and restart JPlatform.


JBot - Dialogflow Configuration

Creating a Google Account:

Dialogflow requires a Google Account to sign in. If you don't have a Google Account, you can get one here .

Dialogflow account creation:

Now that you are logged into your Google account, you can log into Dialogflow by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Dialogflow login page https://dialogflow.cloud.google.com/#/login 
  2. Click the Google sign-in button .

    mceclip0 - 2019-06-24 11h48m44s

  3. Enter your Google credentials

  4. Allow Dialogflow to access your Google account. Dialogflow uses the following permissions:

                     View and manage your data in Google Cloud Platform services.

    View and manage your actions on Google.
    View and manage Google Assistant voice commands, dialog, and grammar.
    Send log data about your projects.

  5. Finally, you will be redirected to the conditions of use of Dialogflow, which you must accept in order to use Dialogflow.

    mceclip1 - 2019-06-24 11h50m19s


Import of the Dialogflow agent provided by Jalios:

Create a Dialogflow agent:

  1. Open a browser and log in to Dialogflow.

  2. Click on Create Agent in the left menu.

  3. Enter your agent's name, default language and default time zone, then click the Create button.

    mceclip2 - 2019-06-24 11h52m20s

Import the Jalios agent:

The agents can be exported, imported and restored in the Dialogflow console. Import, export and restore must be used to back up agents or transfer them from one account to another.

To import the Jalios agent, follow these steps:

  1. Click the settings icon mceclip3 - 2019-06-24 11h56m23snext to the agent name in the left menu.
  2. Click the Export and Import tab.
  3. Click on IMPORT FROM ZIP
  4. Browse to the ZIP file to import and open the (Restricted access link) corresponding to the JBot Jalios agent.
  5. Type "IMPORT" in the text field to confirm.
  6. Click on IMPORT.

mceclip4 - 2019-06-24 11h57m19s

Authentication from JPlatform:

Generating the JSON key

It will allow interaction between Dialogflow and JPlatform.

  1. Log in to Google Cloud Platform , with the google account used to access Dialogflow.

  2. Click on the Console tab

    mceclip0 - 2019-06-24 12h55m27s
    mceclip1 - 2019-06-24 12h56m44s
  3. Select the Dialogflow project

  4. Also in the console, on the sidebar on the left, go to IAM and administration> Service accounts .

    mceclip2 - 2019-06-24 12h57m55s
  5. In the Service accounts section for the "JBot" project, create a service account and assign to this account the role "Dialogflow API Administrator".

    mceclip1 - 2020-10-21 15h59m19s
  6. In the Service accounts section for the "JBot" project, choose the newly created service account and create a JSON type key.

    mceclip3 - 2019-06-24 12h58m42s

Using the JSON key from JPlatform

Prerequisites - Activate the JBot and DialogflowJBotProvider plugins .

In the properties of the DialogflowJBotProvider plugin, enter the JSON file generated from the service account.

mceclip6 - 2019-06-24 13h02m06s

In the properties of the JBot plugin, enter the supplier DialogflowJBotProvider at the level of the "List of providers" property.

mceclip7 - 2019-06-24 13h02m52s

Test the interaction between Dialogflow and JPlatform by accessing the JBot application.

mceclip8 - 2019-06-24 13h03m43s


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