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JBot Plugin


Save time and automate exchanges and processes with JBot, the conversational assistant for your Digital Workplace!


When to use this plugin?

Be pioneering and innovative by offering your employees a conversational assistant to interact with the Digital Workplace. Your employees are already used to the comfort of conversational assistants in their private life ?

Then why not give them the same comfort in their digital environment at work with the JBot plugin? JBot will enable them to formulate their requests very naturally in conversation mode, and will retrieve the information and carry out the associated processing in the Jalios Digital Workplace.

What does it do?

JBot provides a conversational assistant interface in the Jalios Digital Workplace.

Accessible from the JBot icon in the bottom right-hand corner, it is presented as an instant messenger for chatting with the conversational agent.

Voice command is available on compatible browsers (currently Google Chrome and partially Microsoft Edge).

JBot is also available in full page application view from the application launcher and on mobile phones. On mobile, JBot is particularly suited to the use of native voice command on the mobile

Things to ask JBot

By default, JBot understands consultation requests, such as :

  • Where's Nicolas? JBot relies mainly on Nicolas' agenda to provide information (JCalendar)
  • What are my tasks? JBot then lists the to-do's for today as well as the reminder of overdue tasks based on JTask.
  • Where and when is the marketing meeting? JBot then consults the user's calendar to give the best answer (JCalendar)
  • How do I connect to the VPN? JBot will then search in the available knowledge paths (JLearn) and FAQs
  • How many days off do I have left? JBot then consults the vacation requestion plugin 

These consultation requests can also include: contact information, reading list, global document search, other members' agenda, past activity or weather forecasts.

When there is an ambiguity, JBot asks the user for clarification.

JBot also allows to manage creation requests :

  • Add the task "Expense reports" for tomorrow
  • Creates the "Dentist" appointment for May 18th at 2pm
  • Book the Cocoa room for 2 hours
  • I'd like to ask for time off

When necessary, JBot requests step-by-step information to complete the request. JBot also aski for a confirmation with a summary before completing the request.

At any time, the user can ask JBot what he can do by asking "Help-me".

Add your own usages

To go further, the agent can be configured and trained to understand new intentions and automate exchanges and processes, based on the information and applications available in the Digital Workplace. The actions carried out by JBot require specific development, depending on their complexity.

Finally, with JBot you have the choice of the conversational agent solution to use:

  • DialogFlow, cloud solution developed by Google (JBot connector developed by Jalios)
  • Rasa, open-source solution, available on-premise (JBot connector developed by Klee Group)

What our customers like about it

Fully integrated within the Digital Workplace

Out of the box, the conversational assistant already knows how to use the information and applications available in the Digital Workplace. This makes it very easy to find colleagues and their calendars (JCalendar), tasks (JTask) and guides and knowledge learning or paths (JGuide, JLearn). Adding new calendar events in a single sentence is comfortable and time-saving. And we can easily improve the provided conversation agent by training it with the most frequent formulations.

The conversational agent of our choice

We were able to compare 2 proposed engines, Dialogflow and Rasa, and chose to start with Dialogflow for a quickstart. Eventually, if the usage intensifies, we will be able to migrate to Rasa with an on-premise installation.


1. JBot within the side bar
2. JBot in the application launcher
3. Full app view
4. JBot on mobile


This file gathers all the uses currently supported by JBot with examples of dialogs.

Add the JBot module through the plugin manager and restart JPlatform .


Plugin properties:

  1. Provider list:  this property is mandatory, you must fill in at least one provider. If you have several providers, you must separate them with spaces.
  2. Types to include in the global search result: Only these contents will be searchable by JBot from sentences such as:
        - Search for the document {publication name}
        - Where to find the file {publication name}
        - Find me {publication name}
  3. Types to be included in the knowledge search result: Only these contents will be searchable by JBot from sentences such as:
      - How {text}
      - How to do {text}
      - How to {text}
      - How to use {text}

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JPlatform 10 Documentation Links


1. Is it possible to access JBot by delegation authentication?

A user A with delegation rights on a user B can authenticate as B but cannot access JBot on user B's account.


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