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Zimbra CS Plugin 1.1


The Zimbra CS plugin offers a seamless integration of Zimbra email and calendar services in JPlatform.

This plugin is intended to replace the former Zimbra plugin as it offers a more advanced integration within JPlatform.

It relies on JMail and JCalendar plugins.



This plugin requires a running Zimbra Collaboration Server.

It has been validated with versions 8.8.11 and 8.8.15 of this server. 

Minimal configuration

  • On the Zimbra server, generate a pre-authentication key (see here)
  • In the configuration of the plugin fill in:
    • the Zimbra Collaboration server URL
    • the previously generated pre-autnentication key
    • The domain (domain name declared in Zimbra)

mceclip1 - 2020-10-09 17h09m20s

  • In the administration page, for each member:
    • select providerZimbra
    • The email of the member must match the Zimbra email. If this is not the case, you can set it in the Zimbra identifier... form.

mceclip1 - 2019-11-13 18h15m27s

mceclip2 - 2019-11-13 18h16m54s


Advanced configuration

Multi-domain configuration

Since version 1.1, the plugin supports multi-domain configurations (several domains configured on the same Zimbra server). To do this,  for each domain:

  • generate a pre-authentication key (see here)
  • declare a JMail and a JCalendar provider in the custom.prop file
# domaine1.com configuration
jcmsplugin.jmail.provider.zimbracs.class: com.jalios.jcmsplugin.zimbracs.jservices.ZimbraCSJMailProvider
jcmsplugin.jmail.provider.zimbracs.preauth-key: [domain 1 preauth key]
jcmsplugin.jmail.provider.zimbracs.domain: domain1.com
jcmsplugin.jmail.provider.zimbracs.label: zimbra.domain1.com

jcmsplugin.jcalendar.provider.zimbracs.class: com.jalios.jcmsplugin.zimbracs.jservices.ZimbraCSJCalendarProvider
jcmsplugin.jcalendar.provider.zimbracs.preauth-key: [domain 1 preauth key]
jcmsplugin.jcalendar.provider.zimbracs.domain: domain1.com
jcmsplugin.jcalendar.provider.zimbracs.label: zimbra.domain1.com

# domain2.com configuration
jcmsplugin.jmail.provider.zimbracs2.class: com.jalios.jcmsplugin.zimbracs.jservices.ZimbraCSJMailProvider
jcmsplugin.jmail.provider.zimbracs2.preauth-key: [domain 2 preauth key]
jcmsplugin.jmail.provider.zimbracs2.domain: domain2.com
jcmsplugin.jmail.provider.zimbracs2.label: zimbra.domain2.com

jcmsplugin.jcalendar.provider.zimbracs2.class: com.jalios.jcmsplugin.zimbracs.jservices.ZimbraCSJCalendarProvider
jcmsplugin.jcalendar.provider.zimbracs2.preauth-key: [domain 2 preauth key]
jcmsplugin.jcalendar.provider.zimbracs2.domain: domain2.com
jcmsplugin.jcalendar.provider.zimbracs2.label: zimbra.domain2.com

A JPlatform member can only belong to one domain. If a user has two accounts on two different domains in Zimbra, then he must have two separate member accounts in JPlatform.

To go further...

For more advanced configuration (e.g. set Zimbra as default provider) please refer to JMail and JCalendar documentation.


  • 1.1
  • Stable
  • JPlatform 10
Certified by Jalios
  • Yes
  • Paid Plugin
  • Jalios Support
  • Jalios SA
  • Jalios
  • 6.7 MB
  • 10/14/20
  • 6
Required Plugins
v 1.0
v 1.2
v 1.1