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Explorer Plugin 4.1.3


Organize information and capitalize on knoweledge with a document management system that is fully integrated with the Digital Workplace.


When to use this plugin ?

Tired of duplicated documents that are in a mess on your network drives? Would you like to be able to keep track of document version history and updates? And to finally be able to work together with others on shared documents? And above all, would you like to have a better control of document visibility and of who has access to it?

Switch to an efficient and intuitive electronic document management system with the Jalios Explorer module!

What is this plugin about ?

The "Explorer" plugin is a solution for classifying and navigating your documents or publications. You can create a tree structure similarly to the file explorer on your computer.

The explorer can be:

  • Contextualized in a collaborative space: all publications will then only be accessible by members of the space. This is often useful to set up the document library of a project or a documentary space.
  • Global: just as like an EDM for dematerliazation, it is then accessible from the main menu. Rights management is often used in this case to restrict access

Key features

  • Create a hierarchical and multiple classifying plan to organize documents
  • Find documents by navigating or by searching in the explorer.
  • Unify documents in the EDM
  • Upload documents in bulk with drag/drop or with document archive decompression
  • Copy, delete or move contents
  • Upload a document, folder or selection into an archive.
  • Add a document from a template
  • Add remote documents (stored on another system)
  • Quickly visualize a document 

User personalization

Users can customize their explorer with severla options :

  • Choose a display mode: cards or list
  • Filter by author, start/end date, content types, document types
  • Change sorting criteria

Advance personalization

This type of customization is only availabe for functional administrator.

  • Choose the type of content to display in the explorer and possibly with criteria
  • Choose a display template among the available templates
  • Customize navigation and refinement options
  • Customize the display options: list of available views, default view, columns,...
  • Customize sorting, pagination, ..

What our customers like about it

Fully integrated user experience

Users can perform many actions on the document without leaving the explorer: 
  • Each publication or document can be displayed in a side preview panel: document viewer, action buttons (download, drop a new version, online editing).
  • Users can recommend the document, add a comment, change rights, etc. without leaving the browser.
  • Multi-selection of elements, actions on this selection or drag and drop in the explorer.
  • The breadcrumb trail gives the location in the depth of the tree structure

Ease of use and personalization capability

The Jalios explorer is not a fixed component, but a component that combines simplicity and customization.

  • Content types and display parameters can be customized. HR may have an explorer that only displays HR documents.
  • Action menu for content creation and document repository.
  • Context menu on the elements (content) with the right mouse click.
  • Documents can appear in several places in the tree structure: they are not duplicated

Ability to adapt to various use cases

The Jalios explorer allows you to organize any type of content, i.e. it is not exclusively dedicated to documents.
  • The explorer can be customized to create a media or video library
  • It can also be used to classify and organize technical documentation wiki pages
  • It can also organize a mix of several types of content at once. 


1. Card display
2. List display
3. Document preview side panel
4. Multiple document upload with drag/drop


  1. Install plugin
  2. Follow plugin's documentation
  3. Ask all yours question on plugin's dedicated forum in JaliosXperience

This plugin requires JCMS 9.1 SP2 or above.


1. Mettre à jour d'une version 3.1 ou antérieure vers une 3.2 ou supérieure

La version 3.2 ajoute de nouvelles options d'affichage pour la colonne de gauche de l'explorateur en proposant de choisir le mode d'affichage de chaque bloc entre "affiché", "plié", et "caché".

Afin de convertir la configuration antérieure en son nouveau format vous pouvez exécuter le script perl suivant :


$storeFilename = shift @ARGV;

open(storeFile, $storeFilename) || die "Cannot open store file '$storeFilename': $!\n";

while(<storeFile>) {
    my $line = $_;
    $line =~ s/^(<generated.PortletExplorer .* )showNavigation="true"/$1navigationState="show"/g;
#    $line =~ s/^(<generated.PortletExplorer .* )showNavigation="false"/$1navigationState="collapse"/g;
    $line =~ s/^(<generated.PortletExplorer .* )showNavigation="false"/$1navigationState="hide"/g;
    $line =~ s/^(<generated.PortletExplorer .* )showSearchOptions="true"/$1searchOptionsState="show"/g;
#    $line =~ s/^(<generated.PortletExplorer .* )showSearchOptions="false"/$1searchOptionsState="collapse"/g;
    $line =~ s/^(<generated.PortletExplorer .* )showSearchOptions="false"/$1searchOptionsState="hide"/g;
    print $line;

Commande pour l'appliquer sur le store (application arrêtée)

$ ./convertPortletExplorerDisplayOptions.pl store.xml > newStore.xml


  • 4.1.3
  • Stable
  • JPlatform 10 SP1
    JPlatform 10 SP2
    JPlatform 10 SP3
Certified by Jalios
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  • 7/22/20
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