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Embed plugin 1.1


Easily insert rich web content into your texts and make the most of them with advanced graphic rendering !

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When to use this plugin?

Do you want to insert a Youtube, Dailymotion or Vimeo video? a Flickr or Instagram image or video? a tweet, a Facebook post or a Spotify playlist? Don't just use hyperlinks anymore : with the Embed plugin it's simple to get an advanced graphics rendering with an overview of these rich media contents.

What does this plugin include?

With the Embed plugin you can insert rich web content using unified insertion within JPlatform text editor. It offers out of the box support for a wide range of rich web content, including:

Social media content: 

Music and video content:

Text and presentation content:

Tehcnical content:

What our customers like about this plugin

  • The unified insertion interface with previewing
  • The wide range of supported content
  • Support of the oEmbed protocol
  • The ability to extend the support to other media


1. Embedded tweet
2. Embedded Youtube video
3. Embedded Github code
4. Embedded Slideshare


The embed plugin adds the ability to insert external rich content

  • from external URLs
  • from HTML code

External URLs

JPlatform natively supports Youtube, Dailymotion and Vimeo . These contents are easily integrated by contributors thanks to the unified insert mechanism available in the wysiwyg editor and their rendering is ensured by the mechanics of media templates.

The embed plugin adds the support of a larger number of sites, thanks to the presence of new media templates as well as the support of the oEmbed protocol.


Here is a demonstration of the rendering of about twenty different sites (all these contents having been integrated using the"Internet Content" option of the Unified insert)


Supported site

Using oEmbed protocol 

Configuration required for Facebook and Instagram

For Facebook and Instagram contents, additional configuration is required.
The oEmbed service provided by Facebook requires an access token which must be configured in the plugin properties.
To obtain and configure this access token

  1. Create a developper account on https://developers.facebook.com/
  2. Create an enterprise application
    Embed Plugin - Screenshot - Facebook application configuration 1 - create app

  3. Register the oEmbed product in your applicationEmbed Plugin - Screenshot - Facebook application configuration 3 - add oEmbed

  4. Retrieve the application identifier and secret key : Embed Plugin - Screenshot - Facebook application configuration - 5 get access token     

  5. Go to the Embed plugin properties in the JPlatform administration aread and fill the field
    "Access Token for Facebook and Instagram"with the application identifier and the secret key separated by the character |
    Example: 123456789|ab12cd34ef56gh

Via media templates

Rich content from the following sites can be inserted.
(These sites do not require the use or activation of the oEmbed protocol in the module)


Available in the unified insert menu of the JPlatform rich text editor, it allows authorized users to insert any HTML code into site content.

(Restricted access media)

For security reasons, this feature is reserved for administrators and users benefiting from the"Insert HTML code" ACL proposed by the plugin.


Here is a video demonstrating

  • the configuration of an ACL on the site to allow the insertion of HTML code to certain contributors,
  • followed by the insertion of 3 examples of HTML code proposed on websites for this purpose


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