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JNews Plugin 1.3


Get a dynamic and customizable digital company newspaper to keep employees informed of company news!

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When to use this plugin?

Do your employees have trouble finding the company news they are interested in? The JNews company digital newspaper provides an access point to content (articles, posts, documents, etc.) that can easily be put on the front page and organized into themes to which employees cansubscribe.

What's included?

The JNews plugin provides an editorial space with a full page display (app) and a partial display (portlet).

  • The contents are sorted by publication date.
  • Advanced text search
  • Advanced configuration
    • Choice of content types to include
    • Choice of themes (categories)
  • Front page articles
  • Carousel display for front page articles
  • Reading time

Readers can browse by space and theme. They can also subscribe to themes and configure the frequency for receiving notifications.

What do our customers like about it?

Dynamic content that's easy to update

The dynamic layout automatically retrieves articles that match the content types and themes that are configured to be displayed in the JNews. A simple click is all it takes to put an article on the front page or remove it from the front page. 

The possibility to subscribe to themes

The "subscribe" button for each theme provides an easy way for users to subscribe, then the subscription management window provides a more advanced configuration tool.


1. JNews home page
2. JNews menu
3. Subscription management screen
4. JNews configuration screen
5. JMobile - JNews application


Add the JNews plugin through the plugin manager and restart JPlatform.

The JNews portlet

The JNews portlet allows you to make settings relating to the layout of the publications contained in it. It includes options such as the possibility of :

  • Refine on the current workspace.
  • Integrate any type of content.
  • Activate the implementation of the notion of "front page" publications.
  • Activate the carousel mode for "front page" publications.
  • Define the maximum number of publications to display.
  • Fill in the root category of the navigation menu.
  • Display the navigation menu vertically (sidebar) or horizontally (top of page).

This portlet can be used in the JNews application and in any other workspace.

To integrate this portlet in the JNews application, it is imperative to create an instance of the JNews portlet and to fill it in the plugin manager, in the "properties" section.


  • 1.3
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  • JPlatform 10
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